Winter nature table: felt mitten made by my kindergartener with small animals, and beeswax icicles on the bear cave,
all ideas from Seasons of Joy Winter

We had so much fun with the last giveaway, we decided to do it again!

Winter Seasons of Joy is a Waldorf-inspired activity guide featuring ten weeks of circle times, fairy tales and story extensions, handwork projects, nature tables, watercolor stories, coloring and modeling activities, playtime ideas, outings and group activities, ideas for you and your baby, and much more. Aimed at families in the early childhood years, I can honestly say that my older children still enjoy many of the activities.

Bare branches of each tree
on this chilly January morn
look so cold so forlorn.
Gray skies dip ever so low
left from yesterday’s dusting of snow.
Yet in the heart of each tree
waiting for each who wait to see
new life as warm sun and breeze will blow,
like magic, unlock springs sap to flow,
buds, new leaves, then blooms will grow.
– Nelda Hartmann, January Morn

I’ve always loved the monthly plans and themes over at By Sun and Candlelight, and one of my new year’s goals is to find a way to make this work in my own life. Mostly, I’ll be jotting down my ideas for homeschooling, but of course, it’s impossible to segment out our homeschooling life from the rest of our lives– it’s one of the things I love best about homeschooling!

Three posts today, and no posts last week. It was a rough week, but we did get lots done.

Sunday was Michael’s First Communion. Except it wasn’t, because in the ELCA, children can technically receive Communion from the time their baptized, so Michael has been receiving since he was around a year old. This was a hard day for me actually, one of the hardest parts of raising Little Lutherans.

This is Michael and his buddy Lukey.

And cake! Everybody loves cake!

Monday was Rosa Parks birthday, and we talked about the life of this wonderful woman.