Five things that made me smile today

After yesterday’s crabby post, I thought I’d put my energy into something happy.

1. Katie Grace spent an hour in the attic helping me sort through clothes. At the end of it she sighed and said, “Mama, I love spending time with you… even when we’re working.”

2. This twirly skirt tutorial that I swear I’m going to make for my twirly girl.

3. Green Mom Find‘s linking to this eco-conscious online consignment shop, The Conscious Child.

4. Chip finally made my copies for the MOMYS preschool activity swap I’m doing. I think they were due three days ago though.

5. Michael’s recounting this conversation with the strings director:
Mr. R: Michael, I didn’t know your parents were both music majors.
Michael: Yeah, but I think they sort of overshot. Dad’s a pastor and Mom just stays home.