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  1. oh shoot..I hope you find it.

    Mine has disappeared too but I’ve been able to find it. I hope you have the same luck

  2. Ug!! Mine was lost once and it was worse to me than if my wallet was stolen because my daughter’s dedication pix were on it!

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Chatter, Michael

Sigh. I feel like we are continually starting over.

Michael is back home for school and, God willing, will stay home. Third grade was less than satisfactory.

I’ve been MIA because first my husband lost the cable that connects our camera to our computer, and then we’ve just been crazy getting ready for Michael to come home.

Anyway, we’ll hopefully be back on track soon. The plan is to sort of “deschool” in December and work on finding our groove, and having a pretty decent rhythm going by January.

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  1. I understand what you are going through. I am trying to convince DH to let me take my little one out of school so he can deschool during the holiday break and we can start up our homeschooling come January. Good luck with yours!

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