Thank you!

I’ve been remiss in my thankfulness lately, and wanted to give three shout-outs. I, who rarely win things, have won three gievaways in the past month!

First of all, I won two Preserve recycled toothbrushes over at Gruppie Girl. My daughter claimed the kid one and I’m loving the grown-up one. Thank you!

Love2Learn had all sorts of giveaways and I was blessed enough to win a copy of Secret Angels Four from Bethlehem Books. That’s getting tucked away for Michael on a rainy day! I am very excited about this company, and am thinking of ordering the Happy Little Family books for a read aloud. Thank you!

Finally, I won a Zadyball from Alayna’s Creations! This was part of the Bloggy Giveaways Carnival. If I can wait, I’m giving it to Daniel for his birthday. Or maybe I’ll give it to him tomorrow. I can’t decide. Thank you!