Things have been kind of quiet around here…

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Online, at least. In real life, things are hopping.

Sunday was the nicest Mother’s Day ever. It started on Saturday, with Katie Grace’s ballet recital. Usually I go to the rehearsal and take lots of pictures and videos. With the twins, I wasn’t able to. She did such a beautiful job and smiled her lovely smile the entire time. All of the dances were just beautiful and I was once again so grateful for St. John School of the Arts and Ms. Teresa’s efforts to protect her little ballerinas’ childhood innocence.

Katie Grace is in the middle with the high tight bun.

When we got home, my husband gave me my Mother’s Day gift a day early– a brand new Inspiron Duo! That’s another reason things have been slow here lately– I’m learning the ropes of a brand new computer system and still working on transferring everything over.

Sunday was Katie Grace’s birthday. My baby girl turned 10! She has such a generous and loving heart that she shared her birthday “cake” (it was more of a pudding concoction) with her little brother Daniel, whose birthday celebration was somewhat lacking.

Opening gifts with Grandma

We officially started our “summer schedule” this week. We always like to have a literature-related theme to tie together the summer– in the past we’ve done Olympian Day Camp and Hogwarts Summer School among other things– and this summer we’re starting The Red Herring Detective Agency.

As you might have gathered from past posts, we’ve really been enjoying Blue Balliet’s books about Calder Pillay, Petra Andaly, and Tommy Segovia and the art mysteries they keep encountering. So far, reading the books has led us into discussions on the nature of art, exploring pentominoes, and keeping a journal of coincidences. We’re now starting to explore architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright, mobiles, and Alexander Calder. Who knows where else the books will take us?

We’re also listening to one of my childhood favorites, Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh. The audio book is really excellently done, and the children seem to be enjoying it as much as I did. Also on my list of summer read alouds: the first each of the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series, the second Sisters Grimm book,  a re-reading of From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, and a new book I bought on a whim based on an Amazon recommendation, The Incorrigible Children of Aston Place: Book 1, The Mysterious Howling. We shall see.

Our summer routine is on my laptop, but our days go roughly like this:
Morning chores and breakfast
Read a chapter of Proverbs
Exercise (8 Minutes in the Morning)
Read Aloud
“Spy Route” (morning walk)
Outside time
Investigation: This could be a history theme (we’re studying the ancients), a math concept,science sleuthing from the CSI book we got, or a literature link
Lunch, dinner prep, and clean up
Spy notebooks (journals)
Spy School (summer books, Life of Fred for Michael and reading practice for Nicholas)
Quiet time and reading
Afternoon exploration
Cleaning job of the day
Evening routine

Of course, this is all extremely flexible. One has to be with 6 children, including twin babies!

Exploring pyramids

This week also brought Nicholas’s first Lego club at the library. Michael is playing Little Jake in Annie Get Your Gun and his rehearsals started this week as well. He also had a big camping trip to get ready for. Michael and Katie Grace both had orchestra concerts this week.  Thank goodness Daniel and the babies are relatively free from obligations!

Obligatory twin picture:

I hope you had a lovely week.