Today we were one of those homeschool families that travels en masse from store to store on Daddy’s day off. I was even wearing my denim skirt.

The camera is still missing, If I don’t find it this weekend, we’ll order a new one. I’m really hoping it’s hiding in the Christmas tree stand or some other odd place and will turn up as an Epiphany surprise.

Right now, I have a naked baby on my lap. He’s not happy. And so, good night!

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  1. I love to run errands with the whole family on my husbands day off- it’s so much more fun. Hope you find your camera soon.

  2. LOL! Denim skirt! I love it. I refuse to own one, but probably ought.

    St. Anthony! Please show Annette where her camera is and obtain for her and her family all the graces they need this day! Amen.

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