Where have I been?

So, you may have noticed that, aside from some content I had front-loaded onto the blog, I haven’t been around lately.

To say things have been a little crazy around here would be an understatement.

On Friday, June 5, I ran/walked my first 5K! I’ve been training since February and have lost 35 pounds, and was very excited. To be honest, I didn’t think I could do bit. I spent the last mile praying hail Mary’s.
But I did it, and I’m very proud of myself! Here I am crossing the finish line.
And here is my place– 187! But there were over 300 participants, so I guess it’s not too bad.
And here I am looking sweaty and awful with my wonderful children.
What made it even more special is that the day I ran the 5K, I also found out we were expecting our fifth baby!

So, between the nausea, the dizziness, and the exhaustion, I just haven’t been up to blogging. Throw in Michael’s homeschool evaluation, a couple of homeschool picnics, swim team getting started, and general summer mayhem, as well as me completely rewriting Summer Seasons of Joy, and you can see why I haven’t been around. Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch up a bit this weekend.


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    Wow, congrats on the 5k! What an accomplishmen 🙂 And congrats on the pregnancy too!

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    Congrats!!! on the 5k, the weight loss (I'm envious) and the blessings of a new one! How exciting.

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