Handmade Wrapping Paper!

This year we decided to make our own wrapping paper! I wanted to utilize both their name signs and their color. Just to keep you up to speed, that means
Molly: hedgehog (orange)
Matthew: owl (yellow)
Daniel: gnome (blue)
Nicholas: sun (red)
Katie Grace: music notes (purple)
Michael: no sign

It was a bit of a trick to come up with 6 different ideas, but we managed! We started with the Ikea easel paper. In retrospect, this was kind of thin and tore easily. Hopefully it will wrap well.

For Molly, we used Ikea cookie cutters to make orange hedgehog prints. The older kids added toadstools.

For Matthew, we made owls! Some were little and were decorated with crayons. The big ones had handprint wings.

Next came Daniel. We made handprint gnomes with blue caps.

For Nicholas, we broke out the oil pastels and turned orange and red spirals into yellow suns. I’m totally counting this as form drawing.

Katie Grace’s name sign is a music note. We drew the notes with a white crayon and then she covered them with a purple watercolor wash. The little ones thought this was a wonderful peek-a-boo game!

Finally, here’s Michael looking rather disgruntled that he had to paint his own paper. He just opted for a plain green wash. We sprinkled it with salt to give it a special “twinkly” effect. When it’s completely dry, we’ll brush it all off.

It took all week, but we’re finally finished!

Do you do anything special to wrap gifts?

3 thoughts on “Handmade Wrapping Paper!”

  1. Oh! – this is wonderful! Lovely too, that each child has their own color and motif.

    I love to do creative things with wrapping paper; in the past we have decorated brown paper with stamps, used the coupon pages of our local newspaper (so colorful!) or used fabric and ribbon.

  2. Very cool (: FYI — we bought a huge roll of white butcher shop paper at Costco (or was it Sam’s?) for 20.00. It’s very durable, quite wide and HUGE! We’ve had it for a year and it doesn’t even look used — although it is almost everyday!

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