Happiest of New Years!

Oh dear. It’s January 2 and I’m already behind.

I had some rather lofty goals for beginning this year. I wanted to clean and organize the downstairs learning space where the children spend most of their day. (I didn’t.) I wanted to do the same for my teaching space. (I haven’t.) I wanted to rework the daily schedules, rhythms, and routines. (I’m barely started.) I wanted to completely revamp the blog (not done clearly) and have a plan for content every day this month.(I’m trying.) I wanted to be ready for my classes tomorrow (getting there) and have a menu plan (getting there) and place a grocery order (not there yet.) My oldest is leaving to move back to Boston on Monday and I wanted to have some things ready for him. I wanted to choose my watchword for the year and write out some resolutions and create a new planner.

I feel incredibly lucky that I had the children on New Year’s Eve. We were able to keep our usual “junk food feast” tradition. We actually mostly all went our separate ways after watching a show together, but came together at midnight for hugs and kisses and a countdown. We watched the ball drop and opened the door to let out the old and invite in the new. We ate quite a few “good luck” foods– noodles for longevity and pork because a pig roots forward with sauerkraut for money and shared a new year’s pretzel. By midnight, we were pretty tired, to be honest.

One thing I am learning is that with shared custody, everything is a moveable feast. The world doesn’t end if we don’t celebrate something directly on the day. I am– slowly– learning to be more flexible.

While I work on all I need to do, I leave you with the following idea to mark the new year. Pop on over to Juniper Tree Puppets and tell your little ones the story of The Blessing Cake. My children are old enough that we will probably make blessing stones separately and they will choose their own. This is the first year they have all seemed very interested in my watchword, and I have invited them to choose one as well. More on that in a later post. 🙂 Blessing stones are simply little stones with a special word for each child written on it. They are meant to be baked in the cake. I think this recipe looks yummy, but remember, don’t let perfection be the enemy of the good! Use a cake mix and premade frosting if that’s what you need to do! The important thing is the doing, and doing it with your children if possible.

While you’re at Juniper Tree Puppets, please check out Suzanne’s amazing content and courses available. Right now she has a special going on her course on getting a puppetry side business off the ground. I know many of us have had to learn to pivot and show flexibility, so maybe this class is right for you!

Maybe when the kids come home, we’ll add a picture, but for now, here are my little loves on Christmas morning.