Last night was not a silent night.

You see, I had intended to post these pictures showing our preparations for a Christmas Eve gingerbread house-making party with good friends.

Instead, what I got was two vomiting boys.

Blessedly, it was a fairly fast moving flu– the vomiting was pretty much over within 10 hours.Still, it left two exhausted parents, two sleepy children, and a whole boatload of laundry in its wake.

Still, it was a holy night. Praying with a sick little boy who later was able to say “Jesus helped me get better!”, singing Christmas carols as lullabies, telling the story of Christ’s birth as Daniel dozed off to sleep, we were able to find blessings even in the illness.

And today, we even managed to make our gingerbread houses, even though we had to cancel the party. The little boys didn’t last long, though, and went back to lie down on the couch.

We dressed up

and made it to church and sang and worshipped.

And came home to open Christmas pajamas, have cocoa and cookies, and hang up stockings.

And so, I wish you a very merry Christmas– may you find blessings in unexpected places!