Long time, no see.

So, as usual, we had our usual Christmas outbreak of the plague… erm… of illness… this year. Michael threw up the Sunday before, then we had a few days off. Then Daniel started hurling, and then it was my turn. I couldn’t even go to church on Christmas Eve. I couldn’t even direct my own choir–my husband had to do it. I don’t have pictures of everyone wearing their Christmas outfits and standing around the church tree. *weeps*

Nevertheless, we had ourselves a merry little Christmas. By Christmas Day I was well enough to cook dinner, if not to eat it. And now, two days later, we mostly seem on the mend. Here’s hoping the rest of them don’t get sick!

And despite my lack of photos of the children clothed in Christmas splendor, I do have a picture of them dressed up in their tradition Christmas jammies a nice church lady gives them each year:


More to come, hopefully. I hope your Christmas was merry, bright, and blessed!