Early Autumn Circle: Summer, Goodbye!


Here’s a little “mini treasury” with just a few of the lovely candles available on Etsy. These would be a beautiful addition to your autumn circle!

‘Autumn Circle Time Candles’ by annettemarie

Pure Beeswax Pumpkin Fall Ha…


Waldorf Nature Inspired Wood…


Leaf Candle Bowl and Pumpkin


Beeswax Set of 2 Leaf Covere…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Candles are such an essential part of our morning circle. Lighting a candle is a clear indication that our circle time is beginning, and blowing it out signals the circle’s ending. Candle lighting is special, almost sacred, and it tells the little ones “This is special! This is important! YOU are special and important too!” Finally, there’s something lovely and soothing about a circle that touches a child’s senses. The smell is lovely, the warmth seems to radiate from the candle. It’s a beautiful thing!

Our Autumn candle lighting verse is from the Autumn Seasons of Joy book.

The sun, it shines so bright and warm.
It strengthens all I do.
Now let me take this bit of light
So I shine brightly too.

At circle’s end, we say this verse, also from Autumn Seasons of Joy. It reminds us that even as we blow out the candle, we can carry that gentle light with us through the day.

I stand so still.
I stand so strong.
I breathe both out and in.
The light will glow
In me, you know,
Until we meet again.

What are you doing for circle time right now?