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Kindergarten Circle: End of Summer and Through the Magic Door

For our first circle of Daniel’s kindergarten year we’ll be saying goodbye to summer and revisiting our year-long theme story, Through the Magic Door, which you can read here (scroll down).

We usually start our circle time with a song, alerting anyone who wants to join in to come into the living room.

Everybody come join hands.
Dance and sing and sing some more.
Everybody come join hands,
Through the magic door.

Everybody come join hands.
Come and join us in the ring.
Everybody come join hands,
Dancing as we sing.

Next we light a candle. I like to say a verse to help create a tone of reverence. Because we try to keep our circle time very active, it can quickly get very silly. Lighting a candle helps to center everyone.

Oh golden sun, so shining bright,
Please warm us with your golden light.
From this candle may there flow
A stream of warmth and golden glow. (Adapted from N. Foster, Let Us Form a Ring)

Next we’ll sing a few “sunshine” songs, such as Mr. Sun and Lovely Sunshine.

Good morning lovely sunshine,
Doo doo doo doo doo doo.
You’re looking through my window fine,
The birds are singing in the sky, Coo koo1
Let’s thank the Lord for this fine day. (from Sing Through the Day)

And then we’ll sing some end of summer songs.

Summer, goodbye!
Summer, goodbye!
You may no longer stay.
Autumn is on its wayl
Summer, goodbye!
Summer, goodbye!

Yellow the bracken, golden the sheaves.
Rosy the apples, crimson the leaves.
Mist on the hillsides, clouds gray and white.
Autumn, good morning! Summer, good night!

Next I will retell the story of the Magic Door (see the above link) and we’ll hold a playsilk up to be the “door” the children move though.  We’ll follow it up with an action rhyme.

As I was walking one fine day
I turned to look the other way
When I heard a wee voice say
(whisper) Come follow me…

Turning round to just see where
Who could be a-speaking there
I saw a light so bright and fair
(Whisper) Come follow me…

On tip-toe now, turning round,
I sought the light without a sound
Until I reached the fairy mound
(Whisper) Come follow me…

Here I turned around in place
The fairies are too bright to face
So with a skip and a hop back home I raced,
(Whisper) Come follow me. (from A Child’s Seasonal Treasury)

And we’ll do another rhyme with lots of movement as well.

Stepping over stepping stones, one, two, three.
Stepping over stepping stones, come with me.
The river’s very fast and the river’s very wide,
So we’ll step across the stepping stones to reach the other side. (A Child’s Seasonal Treasury)

I anticipate lots of jumping on pillows with that one!

We’ll get out the jingle bells and do some spinning next.

Tambourine, tambourine,
Elves a-dancing on the green,
Hand in hand and toe to tow
Round the fairy ring we’ll go!

Tambourine, tambourine
Circle round the king and queen.
Down we fall and here we lie
And watch the world go spinning by! (from Catch Me and Kiss Me and Say It Again)

And while we’re on the floor “watching the world go spinning by” we’ll take some deep breaths and calm things down.

Here is the boat, the golden boat
That sails on the silv’ry sea;
And here are the oars of ivory white
That lift and dip, lift and dip.

Here is the moon so big and round
That shines on the boat that is homeward bound,
Back in the harbor, safe and sound
From its sail on the silv’ry sea. (Let Us Form a Ring, abbreviated)

And finally, we say a verse before we blow out the candle.

To earth I come
To greet the light
To greet the sun
The stones which rest
The plants which grow
The beasts which run
To greet the men
Who live and walk
Who work and will
Love God in all
Then God greets me
In all I do
And I and you
In God are one. (Gateways)

So there you have it! It’s not my most seamless circle ever, but I think it sets a good tone to the year. I actually wish I had added a couple finger plays. We’ll see, maybe tomorrow when I’m not fighting a migraine.

What are doing for circle time?

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  1. I wish I knew the music to go with some of your songs! I loved it the time you had uploaded a song here.

    1. That’s great to hear! A lot of these are rhymes, but I will try to record the songs when I get a chance. 😀

  2. It’s a lovely circle time!! I like that it’s active. Yes music would be quite helpful.
    Thank you for blogging!

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