Sunshiny Circle… Now with Baseball!

We’re still doing our summer sunshine circle found here, but have changed things up a little.

We took out Over in the Meadow and substituted Casey at the Bat. And we added lots of fun baseball songs as well. Besides Take Me Out to the Ballgame (natch) here are some other songs and rhymes we’ve added:

A Baseball
(sung to a Tisket, a Tasket)
Words by Joe Stover

A baseball, a baseball, a brand new shiny baseball,
I hit it with my wooden bat
And saw it hit the left wall.

A double, a double, I’m going for a double,
The fielder dropped it from his glove
I should make it without trouble.

A triple, a triple, my coach yells for a triple,
I’m running hard with all my might
I could end up in a pickle.

A home run, a home run, I scored a winning home run,
The fans are cheering from the stands
The baseball song is now done.

And just the chorus of John McCutcheon’s Baseball on the Block:

And it’s one, two, three and you’re out
Two, three, four balls you walk
The bases are loaded, I’m standing alone
Give me a sweet one, I’ll bring us all home
These are the best days that I’ve ever known
Baseball on the block

And Daniel really likes acting out this simple song:

Baseball player, baseball player
Swing the bat, hit the ball (Pretend to swing a baseball bat.)
Run around the bases, run around the bases (Pretend to be running.)
Homerun, homerun


Volunteer Stadium, Little League Complex