Winter Woods Circle

from Winter Seasons of Joy

A little child went walking
One lovely winter day.
He saw a little rabbit
That quickly ran away.
He saw a shining river
Go winding in and out,
And cold, cold fishies in it
Were swimming all about.
Then in the cold snowy forest
He stopped to take a rest,
And there among the tall trees
He saw a squirrel’s nest.
He heard the sleepy bears snoring,
Tucked snugly in the cave.
He saw the icy patterns
That Jack Frost came and made.
He saw the winter birdies
Across the treetops fly.
He saw the fluffy snow clouds
Sailing ‘cross the sky.
He heard the cold wind blowing
And tightened up his hood.
How wonderful, the child thought,
To walk in winter woods!