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Tutorial: Make a coloring pad!

We recently replaced our old, battered dining room table with a new one from Ikea. We’re trying to keep this one in decent shape (although I do really want to paint it or something this summer because the finish is so dark), so I decided to make some coloring pads for the children to put under their work. They’re super quick and easy!

FIRST make a neat pile of newspapers, as thick as you want the pad to be.

SECOND cut the bottom panel out of a paper grocery sack. Unfortunately, mine was a little wrinkly from a game the children were playing with it!

THIRD wrap the newspaper as if you’re making a little package. I used masking tape but you can also use transparent tape.

And there you are!

We like to say this little verse from Autumn Seasons of Joy before we color:

I have my little basket,
With crayons so clean and neat.
I have a little table.
I have a little seat.
I have my paper ready,
I sit up tall, just so.
My crayons are here
And I am here-
It’s time to draw, you know!

Happy Coloring!

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  1. I love this idea! Now, I do not have to run the recycle station; I can use my bags & papers. So inventive. Thanks

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