Confessions of a Crafty Failure


I want to be crafty. Really, honestly, truly, I do.

But I’m not.

I don’t know if it’s lack of skill, lack of innate ability, or lack of confidence, but much as I would like to be a arts and crafts kind of girl, I’m just not. I seem to have a predisposition to not following instructions. When this is accompanied with a general lack of talent, the results just aren’t pretty.

I’m OK with it, mostly. I can sing. I can act. I can direct a choir. Just don’t ask me to paint the sets or sew the robes.

Still, I’d like to set aside some time for crafty creativeness. And so, with the new year upon me, I dragged out my tattered and well-used Managers of Their Home book, known in large family circles as M.O.T.H.

Caveat: I recommend this book with reservations. The author writes from a much more conservative position than I come from. She has very strong feelings about discipline, scheduling babies, and traditional gender roles. But when I set that aside, she has fabulous ideas for organizing and caring for your home, especially if you have a larger household.

While her schedules are strict “every 15 minutes” affairs, my schedule tends to deal more with targets. From the time I wake up until 8:30 AM, I’d like to get in a quick 8 Minutes in the Morning session, a morning devotion, breakfast, shower, and personal care, a quick kitchen tidy, and a jump start on the laundry. At 8:30 we start school and all it entails, and at noon it’s lunch, dinner prep, and a downstairs tidy for all. By 1:00 I like us to all be settled in for a read-aloud, and then in the early afternoon I try to fit in any music help for the kids (piano lessons, tuning instruments, helping them learn choir stuff) and a little bit of planning and prep for school and household stuff. I also like to check in with God around this time. By this point, He and I usually need to have a nice chat. This is where I also tucked in a bit of time for sewing/crafting/scrapbooking. Around 4 we all come together to do our deep clean. Each day has a room assigned to it. 5-ish is dinner and clean up, 6:30-ish starts some family time and bedtime routine.

See that sewing/crafting/scrapbook time? Yep, I did it. I made space for something important to me. Yesterday I cut out the pattern pieces for some pants for Daniel and a jumper for Katie Grace. Today, I was firmly resolved to do some crafting, except…

I have no idea what to make. Five billion bookmarks, and not a clue where to start.


I’d like to have something handmade for each child for Valentine’s Day, and maybe something for the hubby as well. If you have suggestions for easy, Annette-proof gifts for a two-year-old boy, a six-year-old boy, an eight-year-old girl, and an almost eleven-year-old boy, I’d love to hear them.