Giftmaking: Homemade Wands

These make the perfect gift when you need something little for a young
friend. Be sure to make one for your child, too, though- everyone needs
a little magic in their lives. (You might even want to make one for

You will need…
a thin dowel rod, about a foot long
some wool felt and matching thread
ribbon in coordinating colors

Cut two equal stars (or any other shape you desire) from the wool felt.
Cut several 3 to 5 inch lengths of ribbon.
Make a magic wand sandwich by laying down a star, then the ribbons, then
the dowel rod, then the other star.
Take your thread and sew through everything. You should be making a very
tight rectangle along the dowel. You do not need to also sew along the
edge of the stars, although you could.
You could also paint the dowel if you wished.

These make great party favors or little prizes. For homeschooling, you can use them to point out words.