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A Day in the Life: Monday, Monday

I had planned on starting off my “Month of Mondays” with all kinds of laundry goodness, but our dryer died on Thursday, so I’m a bit off my game in that department. The good news is we’re getting a new dryer tomorrow. Yay!!! Do you know how unpleasant life is with 6 children, including twins in cloth diapers, and no dryer? Answer: VERY unpleasant.

So… instead I thought I would do a day in the life post like the ones I used to do. Except I forgot to take a lot of pictures. In a way, this is a good thing because it meant I was in the moment instead of snapping photos. But it makes for a very texty blog post.

Still, it seems fitting. The Monday following Epiphany is known as Handsel Monday, or Plough Monday. Time to say goodbye to the festivities of Christmas, set our hand upon the plough, and look ahead.

6:45 Woke up. I want to get up earlier. I want to be a morning person. Actually, scratch that. I don’t want to do either. But I want to want to do both.

7:00 Stumbled downstairs with Matthew as my little buddy. Roasted some eggs and some beef bones for broth, picked the meat off yesterday’s chicken and started some soup, checked my chickpeas I soaked/cooked in the crockpot overnight, started a big batch of rice, and checked my milk kefir grains that I am afraid I have killed dead. Slicked back my cod liver oil—blergh!—and my warm water with lemon juice and a tiny bit of maple syrup and then made myself a smoothie. This morning’s featured spinach, Greek yogurt, bananas, strawberries, chia seeds, and flak seed oil. Had my first attempt of making a batch of bread dough in my Ninja Pulse and made eggs and cut up some cantaloupe for everyone else. Discovered Daniel loves cantaloupe.

8:30 Said goodbye to my husband and went up to have a shower. The older kids had instructions to do their morning post-breakfast jobs (Michael empties the trash, Katie Grace loads the dishwasher, Nicholas clears and wipes down the table, and Daniel makes sure the stairs are clear) and then have their Bible time.

9:00 Morning Meeting: We read a chapter of Proverbs. (Warnings against adultery—yay! Many insightful questions about why the woman was getting all the blame. I love my kids.) Then we read a poem: Portuguese Sonnet 43 by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Next we talked about this month’s character trait, forgiveness.

9:30 The big kids went off to start on their assignment sheets. Nicholas began reading Farmer Boy and Daniel and the twins and I had circle time. We did the Winter Adventure circle from Winter Seasons of Joy.

9:45 I brought up a few new toys for the twins and they were in heaven! Daniel enjoyed playing with them as well. I went over Farmer Boy with Nicholas, checking for comprehension. He’s a great reader, but sometimes he goes too fast and I was (rightfully) suspicious of his claims to have read 100 pages in 20 minutes. Then we started his main lesson, reviewing multiplication tables, listening to a story about a girl on the frontier starting a diary, and starting our own journal with a drawing of a family tree. Then we did a little “greater than/less than” math and Nicholas got started building a frontier scene with Lincoln Logs.


10:30 Snacktime! We had jelly bread.

10:45 Time with Daniel. I told him (and the babies) the story of the Golden Goose. It was a very silly thing to picture, all those people stuck to the goose. Afterwards I drew a G in his main lesson book and he turned it into a goose, modeling it after a chalkboard drawing I did. We froze some ice for tomorrow’s ice sculpture and played a same and different game.

11:15 Done with morning lessons! Time to pop the bread in and finish the soup.

11:50 10 Minute Tidy so we can clear the table and floors and have lunch.

12:00 Lunch!

12:30 We cleared the table and wiped it down, loaded the dishwasher, washed the pans, and popped dinner (venison tenderloin) in the crockpot. Then we read a psalm and did some exercise because we forgot during morning meeting.

1:00 Started a new read aloud: The Westing Game. Michael asked if he could read it because it’s one of his favorites.

1:30 Katie Grace’s main lesson. Well, not so much as a main lesson as a touching base. Checked to make sure she was getting things, helped her find Crete, things like that.

2:00 Michael’s main lesson. See above. At this point, he is a thoroughly independent learner. He’s also annoyed that he’s reading A Wrinkle in Time again, but alas for him, it’s part of the curriculum. I’m sure he will cope.

2:30 Trying to prod Nicholas and Katie Grace to get their independent work done while playing tickle games with the babies.

3:00 Made popcorn for snack. Yummy, plus Nicholas got to play Almanzo and fill a cup of milk with a cup of popcorn to see if it spilled over. SPOILER ALERT: It didn’t. And he claims it was yummy.


3:30 Science all together. We talked about simple machines and found examples of each around the house.

4:00 Clean up and outside time.

4:30 Come back in and tidy up—today was living room day—while I finished getting ready for dinner.

5:00 Cuddle up with the twins and read books.

5:30 Daddy came home and we ate right away because everyone was getting crabby. We had venison with an au jus sauce, homemade bread and butter, and broccoli and brown rice casserole.

6:00 Dinner clean up. We also changed the babies and got them ready for bed because they were both exhausted, neither having had a nap.

And from then on, it was just wind down. Clean up and bedtime routines, prayers and blessings, screen time for some and stories for others.

How was your Monday?

3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: Monday, Monday”

  1. Love this! Really – love it!

    I always find it so useful to see just what homeschooling days look like in other families (ie, busy!)
    Would you say, though, that this is representative of every week day, or just of a Monday? (I’m curious about how flexible your schedule is, say with out of the home activities, something that I’m wrestling/struggling with right now!)

    Thanks again 🙂

    1. Nope, this is just a Monday. Monday is the first day of the week, so we have a lot of energy. It also in the first day of a three-day main lesson cycle. We don’t have anywhere to go on Mondays and Monday has its own chores and tasks. Next month I’ll do Tuesdays, the next month Wednesday,etc, so I’m hoping to give a good glimpse of what our week looks like. This Monday had a little extra oomph because we jumped back into school after our Christmas break. Thanks for reading!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing we are at the very very beginings or our homeschooling journey my little ones (not exactly twins because one is adopted) are 23 and 26 months old but we have worked circle time, puppet play and nature walks into our daily rhythm, it’s nice to see how other families with little ones include them in their homeschooling days. I need to check out Winter Seasons of Joy. How do you conclude your circle time? We don’t have a smooth transition yet so I am looking for ideas.

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