A Day in the Life: Monday

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It’s been a long time since I’ve posted A Day in the Life! One problem I found before was that I always did it on Tuesday, so you only got to see what a Tuesday looked like. This time around, I am going to try to do different days of the week. The other problem is that around noon I would poop out and forget to take pictures. Unfortunately, that didn’t change today. Maybe next week!

Monday is Laundry Day! I prewash the diapers Sunday nights so I just need to run them through the washer early Monday morning. After a breakfast of eggs (always eggs on a Monday!) we got down to the business of homeschooling. We started our day reading today’s chapter of Proverbs, Proverbs 4. I was especially struck by verse 9, referring to Wisdom.

She will give you a garland to grace your head
and present you with a glorious crown.

Usually we follow this up with Story of the World, but we were almost finished with The Ballad of Lucy Whipple by Karen Kushman, and the kids were anxious to move on to The Wright 3 by Blue Balliett. Michael wasn’t feeling well, but he did poke his head downstairs halfway through read aloud.

I ran out to hang the diapers out to dry and Katie Grace heated up some soft pretzels that were part of the Pantry Challenge: Chopped Edition. Afterwards, we chatted a bit about Lent and what pretzels symbolize. It seemed natural to move into our new character study, gratitude.

We read the next chapter of Story of the World. Nicholas made Egyptian puppets from the History Pockets book and Katie Grace wrote a summary of what we read today in her notebook. Then we checked on the apples we are mummifying as part of our experiment.

Michael was curled up on the couch reading and Nicholas and Katie Grace did some handwriting. Nick was a bit difficult to pin down today and asked for a dance break, immediately followed by several rounds of Nicholite chess. He did get some math done in there, and Katie Grace worked on math as well.

By now it was lunch– just a simple one of PB & J. Throughout all this, we were doing laundry. On laundry day we set the timer and try to get a load done every two hour. Miraculously, we were mostly caught up today. This can only mean the children haven’t been sending their laundry down the chute. Sigh. Other laundry day tasks include mending, sorting through clothes, tidying dressers, cleaning up the laundry area. and–maybe someday!– sewing.

After lunch I noticed it looked like rain, so I ran out and got the diapers. Nicholas and I read a dinosaur book and the older children practiced their instruments. Daniel returned home from precshool and a playdate around 2, and Katie Grace was off to orchestra and Girls on the Run. The boys helped me get dinner on and entertain babies, and Daniel completed his very first pentomino rectangle on his own!

We had dinner after Katie Grace came home and then it was a whirlwind of dishes, tidying, folding laundry, stuffing diapers, and getting ready for bed. After everyone had jammies on, we cuddled up on the bed and read the first few chapters of The Wright 3.