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A Month of Mondays: Our family closet

Our new dryer is installed! Yay!!!!

I thought today I would take you for a little walk through our family closet. If you watch the Duggars or frequent large family message boards, you know that a family closet is where, instead of storing clothing in individual bedrooms, you store them all in a central location. We found that the children were not doing a good job of caring for their clothing in their bedrooms, especially the smaller ones. So when we moved to our new house and discovered that the laundry room was rather large, we made the decision to keep clothes there instead of individual bedrooms. We send up enough clothes for the week, which the kids store in hanging cubbies in their closets. We don’t even have dressers in the bedrooms, which really frees up space!

So, here’s our family closet.


To the right would be the dryer and the laundry sink.

These are the big boys’ cubbies. Undies and jammies on the top, then shirts, the pants. The bottom usually holds sweaters and sweatshirts. On the top are sock bins, labeled with names and name symbols. In a ideal word I would have a giant wall-sized Expedit.

Another view, plus Matthew and Molly’s clothes. I really need to get another unit to store them, because while this worked well when they wore itty bitty clothes it isn’t working so well now that they’re in 2T.

And finally, the little gnome woman that guards it all and holds our spare change!

So how do you manage clothes in your home? I’d love to hear!