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What our day looked like 😀

7:15 Woke up, meant to get out of bed. Nicholas was cuddled up next to me, and had somehow managed to get his hand under my shirt and had it resting on my big baby belly. Decided I didn’t want to move.

8:30 Michael came in and said goodbye, and so did Chip. Nicholas finally woke up and Katie Grace climbed into bed and we lay there snuggling and talking to the baby for another 15 minutes.

8:45 Katie Grace and Nicholas played in their rooms while I grabbed a quick shower. Got dressed, got Nicholas dressed, made him a quick breakfast, and started Katie Grace on handwriting. Ran down and switched the laundry.

9:00 Circle time with a winter teatime theme. Worked on our spring countdown and used the unifix cubes to figure out how many days left (yesterday was 50, today was 49!). Worked on our winter alphabet. Wrote some Little House in the Big Woods sentences with punctuation. Drew an Autumn in the Big Woods picture. Told a story about a little girl who met an old woman who had lost her needle in a haystack. The little girl helped her, and the woman turned into a beautiful fairy who granted her 3 wishes. Drew the haystack and the needle, which looks like the letter A. Nicholas played with cars, trucks, and unifix cubes.

10:15 Had some cinnamon sugar toast. Switched the laundry. The kids came upstairs with me and helped me do some cleaning in my room. Then we got sidetracked and looked at baby scrapbooks.

11:00 Got a phone call asking us to come over for a playdate. Said yes. Played “Old Mother Cat,” a chasing game, and then did art a little early. Today we drew winter trees. The I told them the story of Old Grandmother Evergreen.

Noon Lunch and laundry

1:00 Walked a couple blocks in the snow to our neighbor’s. Kids played, moms chatted.

3:00 Came home, warm and toasty because Neighbor gave us a ride! 😀 Mama grabbed a quick nap while the kids watched Zoom and Curious George. Michael came home, everyone had snack, Michael did his homework.

4:30 Snuggled with Michael and talked about his day.

5:00 Made dinner and chatted with hubby. We had a yummy German Sausage Stew.

6:00 Family meeting, followed by dinner clean-up and baths.

7:00 Scaled Mt. Laundry, talked to Grandma on the phone, put laundry away.

8:00 Stories with Daddy, then bedtime.

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    Oooh, sounds like an A+ day (as if grades were needed).

    How nice to wake up snuggled with one baby who is keeping your baby belly warm – I would have stayed in bed too!

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