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A Day in the Life

Happy Tuesday!

It occurs to me that one day I will have to do one of these not on a Tuesday. Always, on Tuesday I post about oatmeal because Tuesday in Oatmeal Day.

Shockingly enough, our day started with oatmeal. Oatmeal, as usual, was followed by room cleaning and laundry. We find predictability helps our days go well.

After Daddy went off to work, we started our school day with devotions. Because the month of January is dedicated to the Holy Name of Jesus, we’re doing a Bible study based on the names of Jesus. Today we talked about Immanuel, God with Us. We looked up the meanings of our own name, which was great fun.

We read a little more in our American Revolution for Kids book. Today was the Battle of Bunker Hill. We learned about the Minute Men and had a little friendly competition to see who could get dressed up and ready for “battle” in a minute or less.

This is where we part ways. Michael and Katie Grace go off into the dining room to begin their independent work, and Nicholas, Daniel, and I have circle time. This week we’re doing the Winter Movement Journey circle from Winter Seasons of Joy.
Here’s the strong sun melting the tall, tall snowman. And the ending of our winter circles is one of my favorite.
My heart swells in joyfulness.
My spirit dwells in peace.
My body rests in quietness.
Our circle time has ended. Goodbye!

Daniel went off to have a tea party with Danny Boy and Hibbit.
And Nicholas began his time with me. We’re reading the fairy tale Spindle, Shuttle, and Needle this week and learning to recognize the letter N. When we got out the form drawing book to make straight lines and slants, Daniel joined us again.
Snack was cheese and crackers.
And then it was time for Katie Grace’s main lesson– the life of Jesus and the parable of the good Samaritan, with a side order of learning about volume.
Michael’s main lesson followed– botany and a little lesson on circumference.
Daniel and Nicholas, meantime, were having an awesome time with the marble run.
Lunch was sandwiches, and Katie Grace helped by making chocolate milk.

After lunch, we all helped tidy the downstairs from the morning’s festivities. This was followed by read-aloud. We’ve finished The Boxcar Children and moved on to The Sisters Grimm.

Daddy showed up about now to take Katie Grace to orchestra, and this is where we broke with our usual routine. The children received Lego Rock Band for Wii for Christmas, but we didn’t have a guitar. We ordered one on Ebay, and it finally arrived today. Generally we have a “Wii is for the Wii-kend” rule (get it? Heh.) but because they’ve been waiting sooooo very patiently, they each had a go on the new Wii game. 4 songs each. They were very happy campers. I, on the other hand, had to listen to “We Are the Champions” 12 times. Ah, a mothers sacrifice!

We tidied up the winter nature table, adding a new snowflake garland Katie Grace made. While they were playing, I also caught up on some computer stuff, worked on cleaning out the giant basket o’ stuff you can see in some of the pictures, and had a little Bible study time.

By now it was 4 o’ clock, and time to clean today’s zone: the steps, the hall, and the kids’ rooms. Then Katie Grace was off to ballet and the rest of us had dinner.

Another day in Paradise!