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Kitchen Day!

Today I spent my entire day in the kitchen. I am so tired!

First off, in the interest of full disclosure, let me say that this isn’t really working for me. On Wednesdays Katie Grace leaves for dance around 11:45 and then goes to a co-op class and hangs out there until around 4. Trying to bake all the things with babies running around and being down one big girl helper is not a good combination. But Wednesday is kitchen day, and I have a very difficult time changing my routine. I may have to suck it up and deal though.

You know what is working for me though? Having lots of yummy things to eat and drink!

This is what we managed today:

Moving from left to right we have
1. Strained veggie broth that’s been simmering in the crockpot for two days. I burnt my hand because I stupidly tried to use my shirt sleeves as potholders. I vowed never, ever to do this again, and caught myself doing it again two hours later. Sigh. Thank goodness for aloe gel.

2. Milk kefir, second day. I don’t know about this. Letting milk sit out for a couple days and then telling people to drink it kind of goes against everything I’ve ever been taught. Plus the grains creep me out. They look like little brains.

3. Water kefir. This I can handle. My kids call it “hippie lady ginger ale” because the first time I made it with ginger. This time I used some dried cherries. Yum.

4. Browned ground beef and cooked chicken breasts.

5. Homemade ricotta cheese draining.

1. Bread dough rising.

2. A big crock o’ ricotta.

3. Whey. I am trying to collect enough to make gjetost.

4. Sourdough starter.

5. Kidney beans soaking for tomorrow’s dinner.

1. Pumpkin sourdough coffee cake.

2. No-bake carob peanut butter cookies.

3. Two loaves of bread on their second rise.

Starting next to the dish drainer we have

1. Beans still soaking.

2. Crock pot all bundled up in a blanket because we’re making yogurt.

3. Half eaten coffee cake.

4. Two loaves of baked bread.

5. Roasted beets.

6. Homemade chocolate milk.

7. Mama tea– one of hibiscus and one of black tea. Mama needs her caffeine.

Katie Grace made the cake all by herself and Michael made the cookies. On Tuesday nights I make a big list of what I want to accomplish on kitchen day and on Wednesday morning I ask the kids to choose at least one thing and mark it with their initial. If they have the skills, they can make it themselves. If not, I’ll help. Daniel was in charge of turning Esther the Oster off and on. Maybe I’ll let you meet Esther in another post.

Do you have a “kitchen day”?

6 thoughts on “Kitchen Day!”

  1. I love kitchen day but I agree — I think you are going to have to change it from Wednesday! You were very productive though! And worst case, use a folded towel as a potholder; sleeves do not even make it to worst case!

    1. I think I’m going to break it up between Monday and Wednesday. It feels like we’re constantly tweaking things!

  2. Busy bee! I love kitchen days. I ended up having one of those, though I never thought of planning one before. That is a good idea, I’m going to have to mull on that. Today I tended to my little pets, water kefir and sourdough. I haven’t named them yet but I ought to. I strained and decanted 3 quarts of chicken broth, started my second go-round with the same bones, fetched the co-op order, broke down and bagged 40lbs of chicken leg quarters, organized my freezer, made 3 pans of crispy chickpeas, and chicken and rice for lunch. Now if I can successfully transfer the baby to the bed I will make a double batch of meatloaf for dinner (and one for the freezer).

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