Spring Break?

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My biggest boy and my littlest boy, making beautiful music together. Of course, I could have done without looking up today to discover that Daniel had been left sitting alone on the piano bench playing for 5 minutes, but it’s nice to see them enjoying music together.

I’ve decided that next year, I am ordering things so we have a bit of a spring break. We certainly have spring fever! We’ve been getting the basics done–reading lessons for Katie Grace, math for both, Story of the World. We just started reading A Wrinkle in Time. I’ll need to update the sidebar, but tomorrow. Sigh. It seems like everything gets pushed back to tomorrow.

What’s really happening tomorrow is co-op, and a trip to the library, and a car ride to the dairy for milk and cheese and eggs and hopefully some produce. I’ve made kugel and a noodle pudding to share at the potluck–we’re visiting Germany in our Many Lands class–and tomorrow I’ll need to make something for the LLL potluck on Saturday. And there are four loads of laundry waiting to be folded, and two porches I meant to get cleaned up this week, and an attic to be completely decluttered.

It gets a little overwhelming sometimes. I was praying, and asking God, “Is this it? Get up at six, fold laundry, shower, dress, clean, make breakfast, clean, teach, clean, mother, clean, cook, clean… and then go to bed and start all over again?” And God just said, “Yes.” I could almost here something that sounded like “Duh!” And I guess this is it, just the daily stuff, chopping wood and carrying water. Like my Mary Engelbreit calendar says, “Life is just so DAILY!”

We did get our nature table updated for spring. See the little seed babies sleeping in the underground cave? We needle-felted them yesterday! And that beautiful flower child? I made her myself at a workshop at the Susquehanna Waldorf School! Katie Grace and I made the snail last spring. Mother Nature and her Root Child were made by another Waldorf mama in California. One thing I love about the homeschooling community and buying WAHM goods is the feeling of connectedness.

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    I love the beautiful spring table.

    The soft dollys, the simple wooden toys, the bright playsilk….
    Can I come over to play? 🙂

    Happy spring break!

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