Spring Seasons of Joy is DONE!


I haven’t updated here for a while; between gestating and writing the spring book and homeschooling, there’s been little time for anything else.

But, the spring book is finished! 90 pages, 10 weeks of ideas, and full of flowers and fairies and fun.

It’s available here:

Things are good, but exhausting here. Katie Grace is loving homeschooling again. She actually picked up a book and started reading for fun today. She’s also getting ready for her ballet recital. Nicholas is just crazy and three. His latest obsession is making airplanes and shuttles from torn up scraps of paper. Which actually means he tears up paper and throws it around the room, LOL! Michael is doing well in school and is going to do a flag football workshop at the Y, which he is really excited about. I’m nesting like crazy, and am more than ready for Babymort to be born.