Seasons of Joy

Looking for a way to bring peace and joy to your day? Seasons of Joy is my 10-week seasonal guidebook to add rhythm and fun to your daily routine. Each guidebook has ten weeks' worth of circle times, stories, arts, crafts, and handwork, painting, playtime activities and more!
Seasons of Joy seeks to empower families to create peaceful rhythms and routines and joyful celebrations that follow the circle of the year. The blog also chronicles our adventures in living simply, loving exuberantly, and Waldorf inspired homeschooling.


Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

OK, it was yesterday.

Also, I am very meh about the whole “let’s celebrate pirates” thing because they are thieves with often questionable personal hygiene habits.

Still, if all pirates were as cute as this, I might have to reconsider my position.

Argh! I’ve got the map!

Permission to climb aboard the mama!

Oooh! Treasure!

I’ve found more booty!

There is no treasure like a book…

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