Spotlight on… Daniel!


Baby DanielI’ve recently been going through old posts on the blog, and I’ve realized that Daniel is my very first baby who was born while I was blogging here on Seasons of Joy! From his homebirth, fussy baby days to this happy, cheerful little guy, his infant and toddler days have been well documented here. But now it’s time for a bit of an update.

Daniel isn’t so little anymore. He’s a third grader and is just about ready to turn nine. NINE! I can’t believe it! He’s a lovely little guy and filled with a lot of joy, although he does have a bit of a Pokemon obsession. He also has a penchant for all things Japanese, which I find interesting. PokeDan

Daniel doesn’t like to read a lot, which makes me sad, but I guess there was bound to be one. He sings in the same boys’ choir as Nicholas, and having three of my children– Nicholas, Daniel, and Katie Grace– sing together at the Pittsburgh School for the Choral Arts holiday concert.


Daniel is pretty well-known for his misheard musical theater lyrics and he is always cracking us up. We listen to a lot of musicals around here, and he doesn’t always quite get it right. Some of my faves are “Five years for what you’ve done! The rest because I do not like you!” (Les Miserables) and “Jamie is over and Jamie is right. Jamie’s decided he’d rather drink Sprite.” (The Last Five Years).

Daniel’s real passion is theater. Specifically, he has now served as a supernumerary (non-singing actor in an opera) with both Pittsburgh Opera and Undercroft Opera.

I wrote a bit here on the blog about Daniel’s adventures and misadventures in Pittsburgh Opera’s Madame Butterfly. He still talks about his “other Trouble” with whom he shared the role and his “opera mama.”

Madama Butterfly
As I wrote in Nicholas’s spotlight post, Nick and Daniel shared their next opera adventure together playing two illegitimate children in Bellini’s Norma. The conversation leading up to it went something like this:
ME: Hey, Doogie. Wanna be in another opera?
DANIEL: Yeah!!!!
ME: It won’t be too scary? Someone might have to pretend to try and kill you onstage.
DANIEL: Morde!

Bellini's Norma

Next was another production of Puccini’s Madame Butterfly. This time, Daniel was performing with a company I had performed with, which means I new a lot of the singers and there were plenty of opportunities for close relationships to be formed. This time, instead of two Troubles and one “opera mama,” there were two different Butterflies and only one “Sorrow.”

butterfly collage

His latest project will be playing an urchin (actual quote: I’m going to be a sea creature???!?) in Pittsburgh Opera’s Barber of Seville. He’s hard at work in rehearsal and I’m really excited to see the opera. Apparently they’re keeping him quite busy!

He’s been asking when he gets to speak and sing onstage, so I think we know what’s coming up next…

As far as what’s coming up next here? I’ll have an update on Matthew and Molly, and then one on me. Meanwhile, I’m working on decided what direction the blog is going to take and what sort of content we’ll have. If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear it.