The Shooting Stars: A Michaelmas Story by Christine Natale


So many, many thanks to Christine for allowing me to share her lovely story, The Shooting Stars, with my blog readers. The twins and I loved this story. You can purchase the story here. Christine is also currently working with Natalya Yeshchenko on absolutely gorgeous watercolor illustrations, two of which I’ve included in this post.

Shooting Stars

Once upon a time, at the very end of summer, three little stars looked down upon the earth and they became very distressed, for a change was taking place below them.

All summer long, people had been spending many warm nights looking up at the beautiful stars, dancing around bonfires and singing around campfires. But now the nights were growing colder, because King Sun was spending less and less time on his heavenly throne and the people on the earth were beginning to stay indoors at night. The animals were put in the barn and the household pets often slept on their owner’s feet at night.

A change was happening in the plant kingdom, too. Many of the flowers, the stars’ little sisters, began to droop their heads and call to the Earth Mother below to take them to their winter beds. And the little gnomes woke up from their summer sleep and began their journey into the mountains and canyons. They began to be very busy turning the sunlight, moonlight and starlight into gold, silver and jewels.

The earth was breathing in and all creatures nestled into her and began to forget about the stars. Then the little stars grew very sad and three of the youngest ran to their Seven Sisters, the great Pleiades, who watch over the little stars until they are full grown. The little stars cried,

“All the earth is turning away from us!”

`”Yes,” said the Great Stars, “That is the way of the Earth.”

“But they will forget all about us down there!” cried the little ones, trembling with sadness.

“That may be, “ said the Great Stars, “But it cannot be helped.”

So the little stars turned away, come with tears in their sparkly eyes. Then one little fellow, quite fiery and red, who showed great promise to grow up into a beautiful red star declared

“Well, I’m not going to let this happen – I’m going down there!”

“What!” cried the others, “Stars cannot live on earth! That would be the end of you!”

“I’m not so sure about that, “ said the fiery little star, “But in any case, I shall make a great blaze as I go and the people will surely see me and remember to look up into the heavens again.”

“I will go with you.” sang a sweet little blue star, who was still quite small, but unusually brave for her size.

“Me too!” piped a sparkly yellow star, “ I want to go too!”

The other stars hung back, still afraid of what might happen.

Then, before the Seven Sisters could see to stop them, the three little stars made a great leap and began to fall right out of the sky – first the red, then the blue and right after, the yellow

Down, down they fell, trailing star-fire behind them. It seemed to take a long time and it was a glorious ride while it lasted. But when they fell to earth, all their star-fire had burnt out and they lay on the ground in small holes, quite black and lifeless. And so, it seemed all over with them, even though they had accomplished what they wanted to do, for many people had come out into the night to watch the stars shooting through the sky.

Soon afterward, something wonderful happened. A young prince who had watched the stars fall, from his high tower, rode out to find what had come down. He found the little red star, red no longer, and carried it back to the castle.

There the smith put it back into a hot fire, which of course did not hurt the star one bit. Then he took a mighty hammer and beat it into a brilliantly shining iron sword, so sharp and true that it threw sparks when waved through the air. With this mighty sword, that gleamed with a reddish glow, the young prince rescued many people in danger and with its help he became a strong and good king.

The little blue star was found by a doctor who took her home and used little pieces of her to make a medicine which gave strength and courage to many people who had been weak.

And the little yellow star was picked up by an artist who ground him into his paints. The paints began to shine with a heavenly light and the artist painted many beautiful pictures with them. When people saw these pictures they were reminded of things they had long forgotten about the world of the stars. It gave them great joy to remember again

After the stars in heaven saw what had become of their brothers and sister, several more hurled themselves to earth to be of good service to people below. But the Seven Sisters watched over the rest who were needed in heaven.

And so it is every year at the end of summer, always some brave little stars manage to slip away and come shooting to the earth to bring people strength, courage and love.

Shooting Stars 2


The Shooting Stars Song (To the tune of “Hush Little Baby”)

The first little star went shooting through the sky

Landed in a cornfield bye and bye


The second little star went shooting through the sky

Landed in a forest bye and bye


The third little star went shooting through the sky

Landed in a garden bye and bye


The little red star in a mighty prince’s hand

Became a true sword keeping peace throughout the land.


The little blue star by a wise old man was found

Became a healing drop when in medicine was ground


The little yellow star by an artist was a-spied

Became a wondrous paint showing heaven’s loving light


Three little stars fell from heaven one clear night

To bring us peace and hope and joy forever burning bright