Family Night


from the archives

I have seen many sources that recommend having a family night or
family hour, and would encourage you today to be intentional in
planning this. Make it part of your weekly rhythm and keep it sacred
to the whole family spending time together. Take the time to plan this
hour- play games, work on a special family craft project (I will
include a link at the bottom for some great projects from Family
Fun!), talking together, holding family meetings, gardening, or story
telling. Story telling alone has endless possibilities- create a
puppet play, act out a drama, tell family stories “from your heart” as
my son would say, read aloud from a chapter book, listen to a book on
tape while eating a snack you made together. Do something you all
enjoy, something you’ve been meaning to get around to but haven’t
found the time.
Enjoy your family hour!

Make a family banner

Create a family floorcloth

Make a game table

Or a perpetual birthday calendar – I don’t have a link for this, but
what we did was take a piece of poster board and marked off 12 spaces
across for the months and 13 spaces down for days. We wrote in
birthdays, baptismal and other religious anniversaries, saints days
and church festivals, other holidays, and anything else we wanted to
be sure to remember!