New Beginnings and a Sale!

I’ve always found so many opportunities for new beginning throughout the year– the first day of each new season, New Year’s Day, of course, Advent, which is traditionally seen as the beginning of the church year, every new month, every new week– so many chances to start again!

There have been lots of new beginnings for us over the past few weeks. My birthday was a week ago. I turned 46, and it hit me hard. I spent 5 days in New York City, wandering about, thinking about life, and seeing lots and lots of shows. I saw The Saintliness of Margery Kempe, Mean Girls, School of Rock, Anastasia, and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

This is what 46 looks like.
This is what 46 looks like.

I came back refreshed and renewed, and inspired by the Calendar of the Soul verse for that week.

I had no sooner unpacked my bag when we were faced with more new beginnings. It’s a brand new school year! Matthew and Molly are starting another year at the Montessori school, this time in second grade. Daniel is a brand new sixth grader at the arts magnet school, where he will be a musical theatre major. Nicholas is still there as well, but will be a freshman vocal major. His big sister Katie will also be at the high school to look out for him, but only for this year, because she’s a senior! And big brother Michael will be going back to Boston for his second year of college as a cello performance major.

school collage

Twinkies, Big Brother walking Little Brother to the bus stop, and two high schoolers!

We’ve been doing a lot of cleaning up and clearing out, getting our lives organized and ready for both the new school year and the autumn. I’ve been thinking about how I want to celebrate, and I decided I wanted to offer a super sale for my birthday. Generally, the Seasons of Joy guides are $15 each ($10 for summer), or $50 for all 4. The Martinmas book is another $5 and the Advent book is $15. Until September 1, I am offering the complete set of Seasons of Joy– all 4 seasons plus Advent and Martinmas– for $46. It is my hope that these books help all who own them find a sense of rhythm and routine and loveliness as we all move into whatever new season is welcoming us in our lives.

Sale Over! Please see our store for other opportunities to purchase.

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  1. Very interested in getting all books if I’ve already purchased one season can that be discounted by chance if I buy all? Wanted to make sure it fit our family before purchasing all and we love it ??????

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