St. Nicholas has been delayed (and an update on life in our house)


Yesterday was a HUGE day. And in a way, I’m kind of glad, because it’s a chance to bring everyone up to date on some major events going on in my life.

  • It was Daniel’s dress rehearsal for CLO’s A Musical Christmas Carol. This is his third year with the show. For the past two years, he has played Tiny Tim. It’s kind of funny, because his Tiny Tim picture is all over Pittsburgh– buses, billboards, mailings. CLO has given him some amazing opportunities. Aside from A Musical Christmas Carol, where he got to work with incredibly talented local artists as well as Patrick Page, currently starring in Hadestown on Broadway, and Richard Thomas, who played John Boy Walton, among other roles, he has also been Chip in Beauty and the Beast and Michael Darling in Peter Pan, with Jen Collela from Come From Away. He got to play Tiny Tim as a 10- and 11-year-old in part because he was simply not growing as he should. At one point, he fell off the growth chart and was the only 11-year-old I know with a failure-to-thrive diagnosis. We even started seeing an endocronologist at Children’s Hospital. But this year? He grew! And he’s learning that growing means saying goodbye to some things, like Tiny Tim, but saying hello to new things, like playing Turkey Boy and an older Crachitt child.

    Daniel as Tiny Tim
  • The twins and I forgot to wake up this morning. I have no idea what happened. And then because I was woken up suddenly in a weird place in my sleep cycle, I had to take my epilepsy rescue meds. That led to a two-hour nap. By the time I woke up, it was time to get a shower and go to my Kindermusik holiday drop-in. And this brings us to two more updates– I have well-managed epilepsy and I am now once again a licensed Kindermusik educator! I work for an amazing studio and not only teach Kindermusik, but also voice, beginning piano, and musical theater. I’m kind of in heaven.
  • I had a cardiologist appointment. I’ve been putting it off for years. I got the wonderful news that I am 100% recovered and can come back pretty much when I want or not at all. The twins are nine now, so its been nine years since I was in heart failure with peripartum cardiomyopathy. I also got to give about 8 vials of blood so I could be part of a registry/study to determine why some women recover and some don’t. The twins and I celebrated my good news with Dominoes for dinner.

All of this was generally good news, but the end result was that I was absolutely exhausted. After we ate, we snuggled up and watched a Christmas movie. I had planned on picking up St. Nicholas stuff during the day, but one errand blended into the next and there was no time. Then I meant to pick it up after Nick came home, but I was too tired.

So St. Nicholas has been delayed until tonight/tomorrow, and I’m OK with it. I think the kids will be too.