A Candlemas Song and Shadow Play


If I walk, my shadow walks.
(Use two fingers, in walking motion)
If I run, my shadow runs
(Same fingers in running motion)
And when I stand still, as you can see
(Same fingers, standing still)
My shadow stands beside me.
(Use first two fingers on other hand and stand beside the first two fingers)
When I hop, my shadow hops,
(First two fingers, hopping)
When I jump, my shadow jumps
(Same fingers, jump)
And when I sit still, as you can see,
(same fingers, bend at knuckles to sit.)
My shadow sits beside of me,
(Use as before, both sets of fingers sitting beside each other. )

And a song for Candlemas Eve

Thus times do shift, thus times do shift,
Each thing his turn doth hold
New things succeed, new things succeed
As former things grow old.