April is…

April 1: April Fool’s Day and Maundy Thursday

April 2: Good Friday

April 3: Holy Saturday

April 4: Easter Sunday

April 11: Divine Mercy Sunday and St. Gemma Galgani

April 15: US Income Taxes Due!

April 16: St. Bernadette

April 17: Blessed Kateri Tekawitha

April 19 through 25: Turn off TV week

April 22: Earth Day

April 23: Arbor Day and St. George

April 25: St. Mark

April 26: Our Lady of Good Counsel

April 29: St. Catherine of Siena and Daniel’s third birthday

April also…

…is a month dedicated to the Holy Spirit

…begins in Lent and ends in Easter

… is the month we start our garden

…is the month we finish our official 180 days of school

…is the month to sign everyone up for summer camp

Happy April!


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