Happy Candlemas!

The day started out a little crazy, but ended nicely. After we finally got going (must make an effort to address these lazy starts!) and everyone had breakfast, I set Katie Grace up with handwriting while I cleaned. Then I kept her going with a spring in the big woods pictures while I cleaned. Then I still needed to clean, so she drew a picture of her family and Laura’s family. At that point, I was pretty much done cleaning, so we cuddled up in the chair and read a few chapters of Farmer Boy.

Why was I cleaning? Because our lovely neighbor was coming over to celebrate Candlemas with three of her girls! When they got here, we visited a bit and then started lunch right away. The girls and Nicholas played and then ate (well, picked!) a bit. After a little more play, we decorated candles. Nicholas was particularly proud of his.

After they left, we picked up a little and then read some more. Nicholas is obsessed with Pelle’s New Suit by Elsa Beskow. We read it three or four times a day. We also read Baby, Come Out!, which is a great “new baby” book. Finally, we read a few more chapters of Farmer Boy. The it was quiet time (aka, Bob the Builder Time, LOL!)

I got some planning for our next “block” done while the kids played. Then we ordered pizza and watched a great DVD called “Birth Day” that showed a water birth. The kids were fascinated by it, and it was very gentle, not scary or overwhelming at all. That was very, very short, so our official family movie night movie was “Free Willy,” which ended with Michael pretending to be Willy the Whale, Nicholas pretending to be Jesse the Little Boy, and poor Katie Grace pretending to be the wall the whale jumps over to freedom.

And now, they seem to have played some strange form of musical beds. Nicholas is asleep in our bed, Michael is bundled up in Katie Grace’s bed, and Katie Grace is on the floor in the hallway in a sleeping bag.

I found a sweet Candlemas meditation, but I’m not sure where it’s from.

Forty days after Christmas
Where have you traveled?
Where have I?
Through what desert,
In what ark, through what flood,
Toward what Temple, to be purified,
To face or hide from what shadow,
To meet the one who is waiting,
To recognize the one?
Where have we been?
How much longer the journey?
And how soon the thaw?