For Your Valentine’s Day Circle


If you’re happy and you know it…

…give a hug

…blow a kiss

Day for Love

Pretty red hearts (trace heart outline in the air)
And two by two (hold up two fingers on each hand)
Holding hands (clasp hands together)
And “I love you” (hold hands to heart)

Scented flowers (pretend to sniff flowers)
From garden vines,
A day for love—St. Valentine’s!

Five Little Valentines

Five little valentines
From the corner store.
I gave one to Mommy;
Now there are four!

Four little valentines,
Pretty ones to see.
I gave one to Brother (or Sister or friend’s name);
Now there are three!

Three little valentines,
Pink and red and blue.
I gave one to Grandma (or Grandpa or Uncle or Aunt);
Now there are two!

Two little valentines,
My poem is almost done.
I gave one to Daddy.
Now there is one!

One little valentine.
Wow! We’ve had fun!
I have it to me.
Now there are none!

Play “I sent a letter to my love”
Sing to the tune of Yankee Doodle or A-Tisket A-Tasket

I sent a letter to my love
And on the way I dropped it.
A little puppy picked it up
And put it in his pocket.

Have children sit in a circle. Walk behind them and drop the letter when you get to that part of the song. They need to pick it up and chase you. Either they catch you and you’re out, or they don’t and you get their seat, a la Duck, Duck, Goose.

Old Nursery Rhyme

Good Morrow to you, Valentine!
Curl your locks as I do mine.
Two before and three behind.
Good Morrow to you, Valentine!

 Valentine’s Day
I’m glad it’s Valentine’s Day, today.
It’s a special day, you know.
It gives me an extra chance
To say, “I love you so!”

I have a Valentine for you.
It’s made with ribbon and lace.
I hope when you read, “I love you,”
It will put a smile on your face.

A Mailbox Valentine
When you look in your mailbox,
What do you think you might see?
It might be a valentine,
And it might be from me!

Sing Woody Guthrie’s Mail Myself to You.