Feasts and Festivals, From My Notebook

From my notebook…

Wood Block Nativity

SUPPLIES: Wood blocks cut from two-by-fours, from 5″ to 10″, felt scraps, beads, ribbon, glitter, etc, and craft glue.

Decide what figures you want in your Nativity scene and cut a block for each figure. Sand the blocks well, especially if little ones are going to be playing with them. Round the corners for safety as well.

In addition to Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus, you may want Wise Men, shepherds, sheep, an angel, and other animals. Copy simple drawings and cut the shapes from felt. Glue to the appropriate block. You can layer the felt or add the other materials for details.

From My Notebook, Physical Education

From my notebook…

Track and Field Meet!

My kids are still flying high from Olympic fever. Here are some ideas to set up a track and field meet in your own backyard:

DISCUS THROW: Use a Frisbee for the discus. Throw for distance or at a target for accuracy.

SHOT PUT: Throw a softball.

BROAD JUMP: Stand on a marker at the edge of the sandbox. Jump towards the center.

HIGH JUMP: Place a broomstick or yardstick about 3 inches from the ground between two blocks. Jump over the stick.

440 INCH DASH, 880 INCH DASH: Make a distance 440 inches and 880 inches . Use a stopwatch to record the time it takes each child to run or hop in each direction.

HURDLES: Tie a ribbon between two blocks. Make several of these hurdles. Have the children hop over the hurdles and run a designated distance.

LONG DISTANCE RUN: Run from one stop to a designated place and back.