St. Brigid’s Day and Candlemas Too

You know, these celebrations at the beginning of the month always sneak up on me. I’m bopping through the day, feeling like a boss, proud that I got through another month and BAM! There’s a holiday staring me in the face because I didn’t realize that the beginning of the month would immediately follow the end of the month.


Here are some of our past St. Brigid Day celebrations.

May God Keep You Safe Under Brigid’s Cloak

Happy St. Brigid’s Day!

Celtic Saints

And here’s my St. Brigid Pinterest board.

And since February 2 apparently comes right after February 1, here are some Candlemas ideas as well.

Candlemas Circle

Candlemas song and shadow play

Candlemas planning

Candlemas week

And the Candlemas Pinterest board.

I hope your next few days are full of fun!