Sunday, June 27
Today is the closing show for Michael. He has a cast party, we have a graduation party– there are parties all around!

Monday, June 28: Our Lady of Perpetual Help
If anyone ever needed perpetual help, it’s me!

Tuesday, June 28: Paul Bunyan Day
Time to get out the Tall Tales. We also have a library program to attend.

Wednesday, June 29: Sts. Peter and Paul
Things are up in the air right now, but I am hoping for a field trip to the Maryland Science Center today.

Thursday, June 30: Feast of the First Martyrs
The big kids are going to Del Grosso’s, so I’ll have to plan something fun with the littles.

Saturday, July 2
The kids are planning a yard sale/lemonade stand today.

The little boys will be listening to The Little Mermaid this week– NOT the Disney version!— and doing activities to go along with it.  Summer Seasons of Joy has some mermaid activities as well.

The big kids will continue with their detective agency.

Wishing you a wonder-filled week!