This week’s feasts and festivals, plans and projects


We’re back home again! I know I’ve been short on posts lately. I struggle between blogging my life and actually living it. I just can’t seem to manage both. This week, with the Harry Potter premiere, a trip to the Lancaster Science Factory, a minor league baseball game, a get-together with college friends and a family reunion, I’ve been a little busy for blogging. It looks like we’ll have a bit of a less hectic schedule over the next two weeks, and then we’re off again!

Monday, July 18
This looks to be a blissfully easy day. We’re gently dipping our toes back into school and will be starting in earnest in August, and I see a lot of errands in our future on Monday afternoon: recycling center, grocery store, vacuum shop, thrift store drop off, etc.

Tuesday, July 19
It’s Degas’s birthday! Guess who we’ll be studying for art today…

Wednesday, July 20
Today we commemorate when man first walked on the moon. We also have a library music program.

Thursday, July 21
Today is the feast of St. Daniel the Prophet, our Daniel’s name day. I mistakenly thought it was June 21, last month, so he already had his celebration dinner. But maybe we’ll do a little something this month as well.

Friday, July 22
Today there are two separate programs of interest at the library, as well as those pesky homeschool physicals so we can get our affidavits turned  in. I’m also hoping for a date with hubby and the twins– a nice meal and then going to see Harry Potter. It’s also the feast of St. Mary Magdelene.

Saturday, July 23
Today is the feast of St. Bridget, the one from Sweden, not Ireland. We have a delightfully clear schedule today, but I am sure we’ll find something with which to fill it. That’s just how we roll.

I hope you have a lovely week!