This week’s feasts and festivals, plans and projects


Oh. My. Goodness.

It’s been about a billion years since I’ve written one of these posts!

Well, not quite. But it has been a long time! I finally feel like we’re getting settled in our new home. It’s only been three months! One of the upsides to being in a big city is that there’s always something to do. One of the downsides? There’s always something to do besides that thing you should be doing. I am learning to pace myself and say “no thank you!”

So, what do we have going on this week?

Monday, August 26
Feast of St. Monica, a mama who was a tireless prayer warrior.  The children probably won’t do much more than read her story in our saints’ book, but I plan to really meditate on her life today. We also need to travel and pick up our farm stand order in the afternoon. It’s sort of like a CSA, except you can pick what you’re going to get. I’m getting lots of yummy heirloom tomatoes to sauce. On Monday we also are starting to tell the story of the Tower of Babel (3rd Grade) and Semsi Mountain (Kindergarten). I have a fun art project planned, we’re all starting on recorders, Nicholas is having his first piano lesson, and I have a ton of phone calls to make.

Tuesday, August 27
Today we celebrate St. Augustine, St. Monica’s son. We’ll read his story in our saints book and I might read the kids a little of his writing at lunch in place of our psalm. After school we have some pictures of my own handsome son to pick up.

Wednesday, August 28
No saints’ days today, but after school we’ll head to the library where the two oldest will make candy sushi in the teen lounge.

Thursday, August 29
What’s this? A day where we finally all stay home? Well, for the kids at least. I have an open house with our new homeschool co-op. So excited!

Friday, August 30
This afternoon we’re going to meet up with a homeschool group at the Carnegie Art Museum… although I have a feeling Daniel is going to drag me to the dinosaurs at the attached natural history museum. I’m really hoping to get to see the Impressionist exhibit!

Oh, and something else is happening this week.

Waldorf Wednesday!

Join us on Wednesday for a link-up where you can share what Waldorf looks like in your home. Share a craft, a tutoral, a recipe, a favorite song or rhyme– anything goes, and it’s all up to you! This is an opportunity to see what these wonderful ideas look like when applied to real life, and how we each take what speaks to us and translate it into the language of our own home.

If anyone knows how to make a button for this, you would have my unending love and appreciation!

So, what are you doing this week?


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    We are Waldorf-y, or trying to be. We start our day with a song that we used in a Waldorf-co-op preschool when my kids were young. My older two roll their eyes, but usually by the end, they sing along and do the motions:

    “Good Morning dear earth and good morning dear sun, (arms reach up into a sunrise)
    Good morning dear rocks and the flowers every one. (fists together as rocks and then sprinkle flowers)
    Good morning dear beasts and the birds in the trees… (make antlers and then wave wings)
    Good morning to you and Good Morning to me.” (gesture to everyone and then cross hands over heart)

    It seems to give reverence to our day. A bit. 😉

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    Sounds fantastic! I’m in 🙂

    As far as a button, I might be able to help you with that, but here are two excellent resources as well:

    1) Pic Monkey – amazing, FREE photo editing site (I most 99% of my photos for RG and SK here)

    2) Here is a tutorial about hosting blog buttons that might be helpful
    (or you can always say, “here’s the image, I trust you to grab it and link back” LOL)

    Let me know if you need any help!

    This is a great idea and I’m looking forward to seeing what people contribute.

    Best wishes,

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      Yay!!!! I’m so excited. 😀 I am trying my hand at making a badgy buttony thing right now. Wish me luck, and thank you for the resources!

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