This week’s feasts and festivals, plans and projects


Oh my goodness. It’s Monday. And not even the beginning of Monday, but almost Tuesday. For some reason I thought it was Sunday. Or possibly even Saturday.

This happens to me all the time. My husband shows up at 5:15, reasonably expecting dinner to be almost ready (or at least started) and I’m bopping around the house thinking it’s 1:oo, 2 at the latest. I don’t know why I can’t hold time.

I suppose it speaks to why those rhythms and routines are so important. They’re not a schedule exactly– we’re not slaves to the clock and we can choose to spend more or less time on certain aspects of the routine as needed– but if we’re careful to keep to the plan, we can make sure we get to the next thing that needs to be done… like making dinner.

Or blogging.

So, here we are, making plans for a week that already seems to be two days over.

Monday, September 3
Today was the feast of St. Gregory. Because we seemed to have completely lost the day, we missed our family tradition of chanting our way through a meal. Perhaps tomorrow.

It was also Labor Day. We celebrated by making the boys muck out the garbage collection area. The previous owners left a whole lot of junk and various forms of insect life were hatching in our garbage cans.

We did venture out today to explore a scenic overlook of our new city. That was fun.

Tuesday, September 4
Another week of school! Michael is getting into primary documents and reading the Mayflower Compact and the Declaration of Independence. Katie Grace is studying Ancient Egypt. Nicholas is still in his Old Testament main lesson block and will be visiting Joseph. Daniel’s story this week is The Magic Fish.

Tuesday is also Michael’s first piano lesson and we’ll be going to the library and Trader Joe’s after.

Wednesday, September 5
It’s Waldorf Wednesday! Don’t forget to come and link up your favorite Waldorf-inspired posts.

Friday, September 7
It’s the first day of our new homeschool co-op! Except I’ll have to remember they don’t call it co-op here, they call it “E-day” or enrichment day. So excited!

Saturday, September 8
Katie Grace has her first day at the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater School and Michael has his first orchestra practice. It’s also the Blessed Mother’s birthday, so we’ll bake her a cake.

It’s also the first day of Blogging Boot Camp, brought to you by Sally over at Fairy Dust Teaching. Be sure to check it out– the price is incredibly reasonable, and she always has such great things to say!

So what do you have planned this week?