This Week’s Feasts and Festivals, Plans and Projects

Bringing back this post series! I’ve always liked it because, let’s face it– if I were really organized, I wouldn’t wait until Sunday to plan for the week. But something is always better than nothing, and it at least forces me to preplan a little bit. To review, I’ve been doing Feasts and Festivals as well as Plans and Projects for a while. It’s been so long, most of the old posts don’t even have functional pictures anymore! Not so sure about links. Anyway… This week.

On Monday, my middle boys don’t have school, so they’ll be doing chores around the house. Maybe I’ll be nice and give them a little break here and there. The Twinkies and the college kids still have classes though, and I have two Seasons of Joy Autumn Circle Times. It’s an ongoing class, so you can join us at any time! We start one of my favorite circle times next week- autumn gnomes! Then I teach a class and lessons and Daniel has dance in our basement dance studio. Dance classes via Zoom have been a whole new world. I have so much respect for the dance teachers. I know teaching voice, piano, and music online has been tricky. It’s going to be a pretty mundane Monday.

Oh my goodness, Nicholas (who now prefers to go by Nick) is 17!!!! I can hardly believe it. I can’t believe he’s 17. I can’t believe he’s a junior. I can’t believe he’ll be off to college in a couple more years. I’m not sure how or when we’ll celebrate. Everyone has school during the day, and the kids are going to their dad’s that night, so we might even save his big birthday celebration for Friday night. We may have to settle for a special breakfast on the actual day instead. See? Writing here really does help me plan my week! It’s also Michaelmas, and it’s always been tricky celebrating both on the same day. No Outschool classes on Tuesday, but I do have lessons and a new class that day.

On Wednesday, I’m throwing a birthday party on Outschool tomorrow for all my young friends with September birthdays. I’m hoping to do this every month. I’ve been reading Ann Druitt’s The Birthday Book and have lots of great ideas! Then in the afternoon, I’m telling the story of The Enormous Turnip. If you join us, bring a rock to paint like a turnip– you can add it to your nature table! Wednesdays are pretty busy and between my teaching on Outschool and my lessons, and the kids’ classes, and dance in the evening again, dinner usually ends up being something quick and easy.

On Thursday, October begins! That means we’ve made it through our first month of remote learning of the 2020 school year, and I feel like we need some sort of celebration. One advantage of the cyber school the twins are attending is they have lots of options for art classes. Matthew LOVES art and has signed up for 5 different art classes plus piano lessons. On Thursdays, he has lots of classes. Katie has lots of classes too, so Thursdays are Crock Pot Days. I also have a lot of classes– Soft Kitty, a music class (did you know the song they sing on The Big Bang Theory is actually a real nursery song?) and my very first Halloween class of October– There’s a Spider on My Head: Not-So-Spooky Songs for Little Ones. I have my usual lessons and group singing class, and an improv class that probably won’t run. Thursdays are chaotic, and I’m glad it’s followed by Friday.

I try to make things pretty easy for the twins on Fridays, especially if they’ll be with me over the weekend so they can catch up on any work if they need to. Sometimes I even plan local trips. Two Fridays ago we went to the Zoo! Unfortunately, on this Friday we’ll be going to the doctor’s appointment. Maybe we’ll get ice cream or stop at a playground on the way home. As long as I’m back for a class I am SO excited to teach– What’s Out There? A Montessori Vision of the Universe for Early Elementary. I miss teaching science classes and I miss my kids’ Montessori school, so I’m just super excited. Then a lesson, and then Nick’s birthday celebration, which I predict will involve games and corned beef and cabbage.

October 3– my new favorite day! It’s Mean Girls Day! We’ll wear pink (even though it’s not Wednesday), eat pink foods, watch the movie and listen to the soundtrack of the musical. Michael is taking part in the World’s Largest Coffee Tasting and Daniel and Molly will be in and out of dance and theater classes all day. I’m not going to overplan that day.

There is absolutely positively nothing on my calendar. I thought about taking the kids apple picking or to a petting farm or something outside, but maybe we just need a completely unstructured day.

So, what are your plans and projects this week? What are you celebrating?