This Week’s Feasts and Festivals, Plans and Projects

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Last week worked well for planning and helped to center and ground me, so I think I’ll keep going! I’m coming up with a rough idea of how I want to shape the blog– a sort of loose schedule– and I’ve done a pretty awful job of keeping to it so far, lol.

We had a pretty nice week last week. Nick’s birthday was a hit and ended up lasting the whole week long. We had so much fun celebrating Mean Girls Day (that feels so weird to type out!) and today we had a bit of an adventure. We tried to go flower picking at a local farm, but between the fact that three parking lots were full and we saw lots of people not wearing masks AND not social distancing, we ended up leaving. Then we went to a local ice cream place. The young lady at the counter was wearing her mask incorrectly (not covering her nose) and I was about to just let it go until I realized the girl inside the little ice cream building wasn’t wearing a mask at all. I explained that we were leaving and why. We ended up going to another local ice cream place that was just amazing. Yummy milkshakes, pristine shop, and the staff were super sweet and kind. And we were the only ones there! So, all’s well that ends well, I suppose. Now we’re negotiating what, if any, game we want to play and I’m planning out the upcoming week.

I am adding a third Seasons of Joy Autumn Circle Time session on Outschool! One class is full but I have a few more spaces in the others, so if you want to check it out. This week the gnomes will be going deep underground to search for treasure, which is always an exciting time. As with most of my Outschool classes, my hope is to give grown ups the tools to keep circle times, story times, etc. going on at home throughout the week. The circle times are set up as “ongoing classes,” which means we meet weekly and you can come in and join any week without the need to catch up on previous material and leave at any time. Outschool gives all first-time participants a $20 credit after their first class, and I try to provide videos and files so the magic can continue at home. Beyond that, it’s our regular Monday routine- I have a class and three lessons, Daniel has 3 dance classes, Matthew has 2 art classes, the twins have speech, and everyone has school.

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We start bright and early with an endocrinologist appointment. There’s a Seasons of Joy story time– The Magic Porridge Pot! School for the kids as normal. I have 6 lessons and a class and will be very tired when the kids get back from their father’s house.

I have my very first watercolor class! We’re going to paint with red watercolors and Tipperty Toes, the smallest elf! I’m thinking of doing these as flex classes, where I would create videos and families could use them on their own timetables. The Twinkies have a doctor’s appointment that I had to reschedule from last week. I have three lessons and scheduled a last-minute Magic Porridge Pot class that evening since I don’t have any lessons scheduled that evening and I need to fill up the time. I’m struggling a bit with scheduling classes and finding the perfect time. I don’t think there is such a thing, honestly.

Just a typical day. Classes for the kids and I have one group singing class and one lesson in the evening. Easy peasy.

Friday is another average day. I have my second Montessori space class. Last week was SO MUCH FUN. We learned all about observation and using our senses and that we are all scientists. This week we move on to stars! The kids go to their dad’s house and (I think) I am going out Friday.

I gloriously have no plans all day on Saturday. The kids will be at their dad’s and I will sleep in and clean and spend the day in self-care. I have a couple of “coffee house” classes in the evening, but no bites yet. The idea is that kids can come and just sing for their peers, but I haven’t had anyone show interest. I’m still in the “throw everything up against a wall and see what sticks” stage of Outschool.

Again, nothing! Hooray! I did schedule some lesson spots on Outschool in the evening for kids who want a trial lesson, but only have one planned. The kids come back in the evening and we will reconnect and have family meeting.

This is a busy week, as most of our weeks are, but nothing extraordinary– no feasts, no festivals, no birthdays, no holidays, and “only” four doctor appointments. I have my regular classes and lessons (and if you have any ideas for me, I’m super open to them) and will finish filling out my October schedule and start planning November classes. I am also going to start a new series here on Seasons of Joy, which I’ll set up later tonight– The Six Gifts of Childhood.

What are you doing this week? Are you celebrating? Rolling through life as usual?