Feasts and Festivals, Plans and Projects

This week’s feasts and festivals, plans and projects

Sigh. Another crazy busy week.

Monday, May 4
Katie Grace has ballet dress rehearsal at 5, and a soccer game at 6:30. Michael has soccer practice at 5:30, followed by Scouts. Once again, we have to figure out how to be several places at once.

Tuesday, May 5
We have a day off school today since we need to travel up to State College for eye exams. All three of the older kids failed their vision screening. Since Michael has to see a pediatric ophthalmologist, we figure we may as well take all of them to see someone who specializes in children. We may visit the visitor center at Beaver Stadium while we’re up that way.

That evening, it’s swim team sign ups!

Wednesday, May 6
Today we’re going on a field trip to an organic farm. Another day off of “regular school”. Then in the evening Katie Grace has soccer practice.

Thursday, May 7
The hubster has the Bishop’s retreat, and we’re back to business as usual. Katie Grace has Brownies in the evening.

Friday, May 8
Katie Grace turns 8!
Wow, two birthdays in two weeks. And tonight is “Awards Night” for our co-op. Everyone gets an award, there are presentations, and of course, yummy food. And Nicholas gets a special little presentation since he starts kindergarten next year. *sniff*

Saturday, May 9
Katie Grace has a home game in the morning. Poor Michael will be missing his game to attend Katie Grace’s recital in the afternoon. Grandma and Grandpa are coming up to visit.

Sunday, May 10
Mother’s Day
I get to celebrate Mother’s Day by taking care of the church nursery, LOL! Other than that, it should be a pretty normal day. Children’s Choir rehearsal in the evening, and then our busy week ends.

Feasts and Festivals, Plans and Projects

This week’s feasts and festivals, plans and projects

Monday, April 27:
Soccer for Michael, followed by Scouts, and the rest of the day is business as usual
Tuesday, April 28:
Ballet for Katie Grace
Wednesday, April 29:
Daniel turns 2 today!
Also, the feast of St. Catherine of Sienna
Thursday, April 30:
Nothing going on today except chimes for Michael and Brownies for Katie Grace
Friday, May 1:
Feast of St. Joseph the Worker and of course, May Day
I also plan on leaving the kids with Chip in the morning so I can go to the co-op mama meeting unhindered by small people.
Today is also First Friday, so we might check out what’s going on downtown.
Saturday, May 2:
Two soccer games today, one at 9:30 AM and one at 2. It’s also Scout Day at Knoebels.
Sunday, May 3:
Church in the morning and children’s choir at night, as well as the feast of Sts. Philip and James

Michael is working on a zoology/animal classification main lesson block. He’s making a lapbook as his cumulative project. He’ll also be creating a “pet store” with an animal from each classification. I’m interested to see how he’ll do this! He’s reviewing double digit multiplication and working through Life of Fred on his own, and is also working on a research paper that needs to be complete by the end of the year. The book he is reading is The Watsons Go to Birmingham: 1963. He also has orchestra this week.

Katie Grace has completed her rainforest main lesson and wanted to learn about music. The materials I am using can be adapted for Nicholas as well, so the two of them have been working together to learn about the different families of instruments as well as note values. Katie Grace has really taken off with reading. I believe she has started her first Bobbsey Twins book.

During May, Nicholas will be learning nursery rhymes about flowers, with corresponding activities.

Other plans this week include calling the Rescue Workers to come take away the fruits of our decluttering, tidying up the backyard, getting to the recycling center, and starting our garden.

Have a great week!

Feasts and Festivals, Plans and Projects

This week’s feasts and festivals, plans and projects

Monday, December 8
Feast of the Immaculate Conception! We like to celebrate Mary’s birthday with a cake.
Also, Michael has Scouts and Katie Grace has basketball practice.

Tuesday, December 9
Nothing but Katie Grace’s ballet practice. Whoo hoo!

Wednesday, December 10
Human Rights Day

Thursday, December 11
Blessed Franco Lippi
Chime choir and basketball for Michael, Brownies for Katie Grace.

Friday, December 12
Our Lady of Guadalupe, which means Mexican food for dinner! Then tonight is the church hike down Candy Cane Lane, followed by cocoa and cookies.

Saturday, December 13
Santa Lucia!
This is also the day of our family Christmas party.

Sunday, December 14
The third Sunday of Advent. Choir practice tonight.

We’ll continue to do Advent stuff this week and slowly start decorating the house for Christmas. I’m also hoping to get back into a cooking and cleaning routine. I’ve been lax!

Feasts and Festivals, Plans and Projects

This week’s feasts and festivals, plans and projects

Monday, November 24
I don’t understand how November is over already. 🙁
Ah well. Monday brings our homeschool book club- we’re reading Sarah Plain and Tall this month– as well as a pack meeting for Michael and basketball practice for Katie Grace.

Tuesday, November 25
St. Catherine of Alexandria
I don’t know if Katie Grace has ballet today or it’s been canceled.

Wednesday, November 26
The children’s choir sings at the Thanksgiving service today.

Thursday, November 27
Thanksgiving! We’ll be leaving bright and early to travel to Lancaster, and then leaving around bedtime to come back home.

Friday, November 28
Black Friday! Also, Chip has a wedding rehearsal tonight, and a wedding tomorrow.
Today is also the day everyone starts on a course of echinacea. Every year we all get sick at Christmas. Maybe this will be the year we manage to stave it off!

Saturday, November 29
Nothing on the calendar.

Sunday, November 20
First Sunday of Advent– “Stir Up” Sunday!
“Stir up Thy might, we beg Thee, and come.”

Feasts and Festivals, Plans and Projects

This week’s feasts and festivals, plans and projects

Monday, October 27
Holy Hannah, how did we get to the end of October already?!?!?!
Today we have our homeschool book club. We’re discussing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Michael also has orchestra all week, and a soccer game tonight. I think it’s the final soccer game. Hooray! We made it through another season!

Tuesday, October 28
Saints Simon and Jude.
Just ballet for the girl-child today.

Wednesday, October 29
Soccer for the middle two, and that’s it.

Thursday, October 30
The Brownies have their Halloween party. Poor Michael just has chime choir.

Friday, October 31
Happy Halloween!
Trick or treating, obviously. At least I think it’s trick or treating. Note to self: Find out when trick or treat night is. Also fix porch lights.
It’s also Founders’ Day for the Girl Scouts.

Saturday, November 1
All Saints’ Day!
Also Habitat for Humanity work day for the youth. I think we’ll bake some cookies and take them over for the workers.
It’s WVIA Day at the Lackawanna Coal Mine, but I’m only going if I can take a helper. I think it would really fit in well with our Pennsylvania History lesson block.
Of course, that all depends on soccer being finished. I really, really hope soccer is finished.

Sunday, November 2
All Souls’ Day
Also, the end of Daylight Savings Time. I love getting an extra hour of sleep. It’s also amusing to see how many people are late to church.

School Plans
Michael: Continue with his Pennsylvania Main Lesson Block. He’s going to paint his salt dough map of PA and do copywork from William Penn’s The Fruits of Solitude. We’re going to talk a bit about PA’s waterways. Also review basic multiplication and division facts.

Katie Grace: Continue with a main lesson block on Celtic Saints. I think we’re going to cover St. Brigit and St. Brendan this week. Also review addition and subtraction facts.

Nicholas: We really enjoyed Miss Muffet last week, so in the spirit of Halloween, I think we’ll carry on with The Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Science: Still working on tree identification and seasonal changes.

Social Studies:We’re up to Chapter 10, “The Bottom of the World” (Australia and New Zealand) in Story of the World. We’ll be having our Japanese meal Monday night though, since we missed it this weekend.

I hope you all have a lovely week!

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Feasts and Festivals, Plans and Projects

This week’s feasts and festivals, plans and projects

Monday, September 8: The Nativity of Mary
We usually make a cake to celebrate the Blessed Mother’s birthday.

Today is the first day of the homeschool Writers’ Workshop at our library. I’m very excited about this, but nervous, since I don’t know if anyone will show up.

Michael has soccer and then Scouts tonight.

Tuesday, September 9:
Nothing going on today except Katie Grace’s dance class!

Wednesday, September 10:
Soccer for Katie Grace and Nicholas, but that’s it!

Thursday, September 11:Anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks
Today we go to Camp Susque for Safety Day! This is a great way to meet PA’s fire safety requirement, which otherwise consists of me saying “No, you can’t use matches.”

Michael starts chime choir tonight.

Friday, September 12:
Other than a Michael check-up in the morning, we have no plans.

Saturday, September 13: St. John Chrysostom
We like to make something we honey in it to remember this “honey-tongued” saint.

Today is the retreat for the Heart of Mary Educators–H.O.M.E

Sunday, September 15: Feast of the Holy Cross
This day ends with the youth group kick-off bonfire!

Feasts and Festivals, Plans and Projects

This week’s feasts and festivals, plans and projects

Have I mentioned how good it feels to be back in a routine again? Oh yeah. *happy sigh*

Monday, August 25: We are officially back to school. We started dipping our toes in the water last week, but this week we’re jumping in with both feet! It’s also Leonard Bernstein’s Birthday so we’ll be listening to a Young Person’s Concert or two,

Wednesday, August 27: St. Monica
I love St. Monica. She was a mama just like me, and St. Augustine gave her more trouble than mine ever will…. and look how great he turned out! I know novenas are supposed to begin 9 days before a feast day, but since God is outside time and space I am hoping He and St. Monica won’t mind if I start my novena to St. Monica on her feast day. I could use some mama-guidance from above. It’s a pretty simple one. Just pray this prayer, either nine days in a row or every hour for nine hours:

Exemplary Mother of the Great Augustine,
You perserveringly pursued your wayward son
Not with wild threats
But with prayerful cries to heaven.

Intercede for all mothers in our day
So that they may learn
To draw their children to God.

Teach them how to remain
Close to their children,
Even the prodigal sons and daughters
Who have sadly gone astray.

Dear St Monica, troubled wife and mother,
Many sorrows pierced your heart
During your lifetime.
Yet you never despaired or lost faith.
With confidence, persistence and profound faith,
You prayed daily for the conversion
Of your beloved husband, Patricius
And your beloved son, Augustine.

Grant me that same fortitude,
Patience and trust in the Lord.
Intercede for me, dear St. Monica,
That God may favorably hear my plea

(mention your petition here)

And grant me the grace
To accept his will in all things,
Through Jesus Christ, our Lord,
In the unity of the Holy Spirit,
One God forever and ever. Amen.

Thursday, August 28: St. Augustine

When I was in college, we sang a beautiful collection of choral pieces based on quotes from St. Augustine. One of my favorites:

Thou hast made us for Thyself, O God, and our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee.

I smell copywork.

Katie Grace has Little Flowers today. They’re learning about loyalty, going on a picnic, and meeting with Sister Kelly, one of the Capuchin Sisters from the Mother of the Eucharist Convent. Katie Grace loves Sister Kelly, and is really looking forward to seeing her again. She’s talked with the girls before, and they all love her.

Friday, August 29: The Martyrdom of John the Baptist

I don’t know how much we’ll celebrate this one . I tend to avoid the gory stuff with my kids. Although, who knows. They might like it.

Michael and Katie Grace also both start soccer this week.

Feasts and Festivals, Plans and Projects

This week’s feasts and festivals, plans and projects

Another week of craziness… At some point, we need to slow down our summer.

Monday: Swim practice in the morning, and then Nicholas had his first “Stay and Play” preschool session with early intervention. Tonight, another swim practice. All this was interspersed with errands.

Tuesday: Stay and Play again! Michael and Katie Grace have a swim meet tomorrow evening, and I have a planning meeting withe HOME (Heart of Mary Educators). I’ll take Daniel, of course, but I have got to find a place for Nicholas to stay.

Wednesday: Nicholas has art in the morning. I may or may not get the older two to swim practice. Depends on if Daddy can pick them up, because good as I am, even I can’t be in two places at once.

Thursday: Free movie in the morning! Veggie Tales: The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything. Then in the evening, another swim meet.

Friday: Swimming in the morning, and there are some big yard sales around town today and tomorrow. Daddy has a wedding rehearsal tonight, so we’ll probably do a movie for family night. We’ll also need to have a family meeting before he goes.

Saturday: St. Veronica I’m thinking about getting them all new hankies to celebrate St. Veronica’s feast day. Is that too weird?
Swim meet in the morning, and the Dad is off to wedding in the afternoon and early evening.

Sunday: Church in the am–we’re doing the nursery!–and in the evening the symphony is playing in the park.

Sigh… I was also hoping to get some school going this week. Nothing major, but Story of the World, math, and Katie Grace’s reading lessons. Who knows? Maybe we will!

Feasts and Festivals, Plans and Projects

This week’s feasts and festivals, plans and projects

Feasts ALL WEEK: Chip is pastor-in-residence at Camp Mt. Luther, and the oldest two are going as well. That leaves just me and the little boys! Luckily, my good friend down the week will be flying solo this week as well, so we’re making some plans to hang out together.

MONDAY: Marketing day! It will probably be an all-day affair. We need to go to the surplus outlet, the grocery store, the natural foods store, and the dairy. Then we’re going out to dinner with friends–kids eat free at TGIFridays!

TUESDAY: St. John’s Day/Midsummer In the morning we’re going to the free kid movie downtown–Veggie Tales, The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything. We’re going out Tuesday night with friends as well. I want to try to felt a sun for the nature table today as well.

WEDNESDAY: We have art class in the morning!

THURSDAY: Feast of St. Palageus

FRIDAY: Feast of St. Cyril Daddy and Big Brother and Big Sister come home!

SATURDAY: Feast of St. Ireneus

SUNDAY: Sts. Peter and Paul and Chip’s parents anniversary

Some day this week we’ll go spend the day at camp, probably Thursday. Also, my friend said she’d watch both the littles so I could go get my hair cut. I haven’t gotten anything done with my hair since I was pregnant with Nicholas. I’m probably a little past due!