This week’s plans and projects


Blessed Sunday! I’ve been spending the day in bed with a head cold, cuddling various and sundry children as they wander in and out, and drinking some of my vice, Turkey Hill Iced Tea, which my husband lovingly brought for me to soothe my scratchy throat. I’ve also kept busy in between naps checking out this awesome Waldorf Inspirations website and creating my About Me page.

Sunday, September 16
Today is Katie Grace’s baptismal anniversary! She was baptized 11 years ago, one week following 9/11. I remember how much peace and healing there was in her baptism. She was baptized by her godfather, a Lutheran pastor. He and his wife, her godfather, are good friends who are dearly missed.

Today was also meant to be a planning day, but alas, I am behind. I know what I’ll be doing following this post! I’ve been using Homeschool Tracker for older children and it has really streamlined my planning.

Monday, September 17
Happy birthday to Grandma!

Besides school and catching up on laundry, today we need to do a big grocery shop.

Tuesday, September 18
Happy birthday, Grandpa!

This morning I have my first appointment with my new cardiologist and an echocardiogram. Prayers would be greatly appreciated! The doctor I am seeing is an expert in my heart condition, peripartum cardiomyopathy. I had an echo back in May but because we moved I never got to speak with a cardiologist about the results. While I know that my heart function has returned to normal, I’m unclear as to whether or not the cardiomyopathy has resolved. I am really hoping I can go off the medication. I feel like it makes me kind of tired and it also makes it harder to lose weight. Somehow, Daddy will keep the school day going while I’m in downtown Pittsburgh.

Then in the afternoon Michael has piano. We’ll hit the grocery store on the way home to purchase anything we weren’t able to get on Monday.

Wednesday, September 19
Daniel and I are bopping over the local public school for a speech evaluation.

In the afternoon, we’ll go to the library. The youngers will play while the olders go to a class on The Fallacy Detective.

Then in the evening there’s choir practice. Phew!

And of course, we have Waldorf Wednesday. Thank goodness that doesn’t involve leaving the house.

Thursday, September 20
The only thing going on today is Katie Grace has her first group violin class in the evening.

Friday, September 21
Enrichment Day! We love our new co-op. I get to hang with the babies all day. Michael is taking a blogging class, orchestra, and a classical literature class. Katie Grace has farm animal biology, a multiplication review class, orchestra, and music classics. Nicholas has chess, stamp collection, a class on the 50 states, and music classics with his sister. Daniel joins Nick for chess (and is loving spending time with his buddy!), a storytime, and preschool gym. It’s an amazing program and I am so thankful we found it.

As part of Radical Days, Phipps Conservatory has free admission today, so we’ll pop over there after E-Day.

Today is also Matthew’s name day. Normally we let the kids pick what they want for dinner for their name day, but since Matty’s favorite foods are boogers and bananas, I think I’ll do the menu planning.

Then tonight Daddy and Michael are going to the symphony.

Saturday, September 21
It’s Daddy’s nameday! (St. Maurice) What do you want for dinner Daddy?

It’s also crazy day. We somehow have to get Katie Grace to violin class at 10, Michael to orchestra at 10:30, Katie Grace to ballet at 12:30 and Michael picked up at 12:30. And then we have a birthday party!

Obviously, we have a lot going on here. And if you look, it’s really only the older two that have outside stuff going on! I am finding this is one of the struggles of life with a big family– you either are running around constantly or you don’t let anyone have any outside commitments. But really, I don’t want to say they can’t play an instrument. And it gives us more time to listen to Harry Potter in the car.

What do you have going this week?