Field Trip: Camp Susque Soapmaking

One rainy March day, we went to Camp Susque for a soapmaking workshop. The original plan was to make soap outside over an open fire, but since it was rainy and cold, we had to settle for melt-and-pour over the woodstove in the Lodge.
We’re always happy to run into old friends! For all the complaining people do about homeschoolers not being socialized, we certainly run into other unsocialized homeschoolers we know often. Here is Katie Grace and her buddy choosing their molds:
and pouring their soap:

And Michael, too!

Nicholas adding color to his soap:
And Daniel, just being cute:
The final activity of the day was to decorate sticks and rocks. I’m honestly not sure what it was all about. I think it was kind of a filler since they couldn’t go outside. Regardless, here they are with their creations: