Heritage Days

We are so thankful that Donna reminded us of Heritage Days! We were originally going to the Great Insect Fair at State College, but bugs make me puke. Plus we’re learning about PA history (and not bugs. or vomit.) So this was perfect!

Our first stop was to learn about weaving tape. Apparently this stuff was widely used before elastic.

Then we watched a gentleman and his apprentice carving a bowl. Do you know that these bowls would take about 12 hours to make?

Nicholas was intrigued by the medicine man’s show.

The music tent was the favorite, I think. Well, let’s be honest–the food samples were the favorite. But the music tent was a very close second. As usual, Michael went straight for the drums.

Katie Grace enjoyed playing the spoons.

A few more folk instruments.

This was what Katie Grace was most looking forward to. She can’t wait to start orchestra next year!

I love Katie Grace’s expression in the picture– like she thinks Nicholas is totally doing it wrong. Nick loved it, though. Hmmmm… with Michael on cello and Katie Grace on violin, if I could get Nicholas a viola and hook Daniel up with a bass, we could get a nice little quartet going.

Katie Grace and Daniel enjoying the music, with Michael looking on.

I can’t get him to do laundry at home, but apparently, slopping a stick around a huge cauldron of boiling water has more appeal. Go figure.

Again, Katie with the funny expression.

We ran into homeschool friends, which was wonderful. This is the part of the blog where I wax rhapsodical about homeschooled kids. I really love them. I love how gentle and loving and patient they are with the younger kids. I love that I can have an intelligent conversation with them. I think they’re just wonderful.

More homeschool friends working with looms.

Nicholas, chilling in the Native American village.

A half-built long house.

Three kids in a canoe.

One of many food displays and samples.

And finally, dipping candles. I don’t know if you see behind Michael and Katie Grace, but that was an open fire pit full of boiling hot beeswax with about ten kids jockeying for position and no real adult supervision. Awesome.