Our Cross Country Adventure

My little adventure buddy Daniel and I went on a great adventure a week or so ago. We flew to Santa Fe for a moderator retreat for Mothering.Com! The plane trip there went pretty well. The trip home was not quite so easy, but still, we made it! I worried and stressed about this for months and months. I’m pretty proud of myself and my little guy.

Daniel loved playing in Mothering’s library. There were tons and tons of toys and books for him to enjoy.

Here he is passed out behind the couch while we had our meetings.

This picture was taken at the very end. Poor Daniel had just about had it, but Peggy O’ Mara was still willing to hold him. She was so gentle and loving with all the little ones wandering around the meetings. I have to say, she was a lot different than I expected, in a totally good way. I thought she’d be all new age-y and out there, but she was really grounded and practical and sweet. I couldn’t get over how generous Mothering was as well.

I loved this statue at the Mothering office. Every time I walked by, I wanted to rub her belly.