Our Field Trip to the North Museum in Lancaster, PA

We haven’t had a field trip in a while, so when Daddy had to go to Lancaster for a pastor conference, we decided to tag along and spend the morning at the North Museum. I remembered the museum from grade school field trips, even though I hadn’t been there in probably twenty years!

The kids loved the Discovery Room. Well, the younger three did. It was a little too young for Michael.
Katie Grace enjoyed the microscope.

The mural was fun, too, although Nicholas sort of missed the point and didn’t put the animals in their habitats. He was going for the silliest placement possible!

Here is Katie Grace and Nicholas enjoyed a seashell discovery box. We also worked through a Native American box together. It was hard to believe we were handling objects that were hundreds of years old!

Nicholas’s favorite part– the dinosaur!

One of the reasons I wanted to go is they have a display about Pennsylvania Native Americans. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find good, accurate information. The children enjoyed searching for petroglyphs.

Nicholas and Katie Grace enjoyed trying to grind corn.

Daniel mostly enjoyed climbing on things.

There was an “Arctic Adventure” exhibit when we were there.

Nicholas really liked the “moon rocks”. I don’t think they were actually moon rocks, but couldn’t convince him otherwise.

Michael liked the star finder. We were really disappointed the planetarium wasn’t running that day.

Madagascar hissing cockroaches. Blech! This was definitely the grossest thing in the live animal room.

Nicholas was fascinated by the turtle in his tank.


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    Looks like a wonderful trip! Sometimes I wish I homeschooled for just his reason..I will be doing a lot of volunteering when Martina starts school in September though!

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    Oh memories! I grew up in Lancaster County, PA and remember visiting this museum many times over the years. I look forward to homeschooling my little ones and utilizing resources such as this. (Although now we are in the Cleveland, OH area).

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    How neat is that? After the museum, I drove them around and showed the house I grew up in, my schools (one of which is now the nursing school!), the park, the library. Ah, memories!

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    My grandfather used to take me to the North Museum when I was a little girl. I took Lucas for the 1st time a few weeks ago and he seemed to enjoy it so much we ended up joining! :o)

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    My mom had pet hissing cockroaches for a while

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